Teresa Zobrist, President, and CEO of Zobrist, ZobristTeresa Zobrist, President, and CEO of Zobrist
When you step into a grocery or department store, you know where to find a specific product by its category and the signs that guide you to the right place. Similarly, in e-commerce platforms, product categorization is the cornerstone for shoppers to navigate and discover commodities. Personalization is essential in guiding consumers to the exact product they need in the shortest period .As a result organizations often hire large teams to sort, sequence, and strategize the placement of products in their online stores. Again, these teams depend on troves of siloed consumer data to obtain the insights needed to assess the popularity of products and prioritize them during each shopping season. However, the right e-commerce solutions partner can streamline such processes. Zobrist Software Group, Inc. provides enterprise-level e-commerce storefronts, mobile commerce applications, and managed services to businesses. Over the years, the company has helped many industry leaders optimize their smart merchandising capabilities and generate millions in online revenue.

“We enable organizations to shed their expensive manual workflows and achieve greater conversion rates,” says Teresa Zobrist, president, and CEO of Zobrist.

The company is a game changer for customers who use PIM solutions to create and distribute product catalogs across multiple e-commerce channels. The catalog requires specific categorization to attract customers and determine which products generate higher revenue. Zobrist’s Smart Merchandiser enables businesses to optimize the sequence of their catalog to encourage higher sales.

Instead of sifting through endless content, clients can depend on its readily available insights, which are drawn from multiple sources, including Google Analytics and social media platforms. Based on these insights, clients can simply drag and drop their most popular products and arrange them strategically on their web pages. By streamlining access and showcasing products that consumers want, organizations can not only enhance engagement in their online stores but provide an incentive for consumers to return. Businesses can also use Smart Merchandiser to monitor displays on their websites according to seasonality, sentiment analytics, and inventories to provide the best customer experience.
  • We enable organizations to shed their expensive manual workflows and achieve greater conversion rates

Zobrist’s exceptional online retail merchandising capabilities have allured umpteen big brands like Timberland, Vans, JanSport, The North Face, and many more. In the case of The North Face, Zobrist helped the brand establish their online presence by crafting a top-notch website packed with captivating content. Using powerful eCommerce design software, Zobrist built an impactful website with images of athletes in their trials and triumphs. The website enhanced the brand’s credibility by inspiring customers and establishing a connection with their fan base. As a result of this partnership with Zobrist The North Face’s online channel has scaled manifold as a result of this partnership with Zobrist. The site now supports web traffic exceeding ten million page views daily, helping the company meet and exceed their sales expectations.

Similar success stories testify that choosing Zobrist as a partner for eCommerce visual merchandising and enterprise eCommerce can save cost overruns and delays. The company is renowned for its agile methodologies and innovative merchandising tools, facilitating many well-known brands build personalized relationships with their customers.