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Worldwide retail sales in 2020 are projected to be about 26 trillion dollars, out of which about 4 trillion will be in U.S. Sales. At least in the U.S., retail is under constant assault by Amazon, showing the power of technology to the retail industry. Retailers used to live and die by merchandising picks, location, and prices, now we can add technology as an essential part of the mix too. The retail industry is changing from traditional retail to Omnichannel retail, which involved substantial investments in technology by the retail sector.

Retail Tech Insights through its print and digital magazines, websites and newsletters is the trusted source for new trends in technology for retail, new solutions available for retail, challenges being faced by retail executives in adopting technology solutions and bringing out the best of technology vendors providing solutions and services to retail. We offer unbiased curated content from peers of retail executives, acting as a go-to knowledge platform for technology adoption and implementation in the retail industry.

Retail Tech Insights magazine content includes everything from Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, Cloud, Merchandising, POS, Kiosks technology, Surveillance &, security, CRM, RFID, SupplyChain, Robots, Drones to current news, informed opinion articles by industry insiders and essential events on the retail calendar.

We are always grateful to hear real-life experiences, challenges, and advice of innovative practitioners and leaders in the Retail industry in using technology in their organizations and bring that to our readership.

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