Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, October 22,2020

Feature of the Week

POS systems in a retail environment can help advance business, better sales, and even bridge the gap between the retailers and the customers.  Read more
The convenience factor has become of utmost importance with the rise of online retail. Customers can search for products anywhere, anytime, and using various kinds of devices. However, what most people fail to realize is that the majority of s  Read more
Retailers are in a race to stay well-versed with the technology and ready to embrace AI-driven technology to enhance CRM. Let's have a look at what the latest advances in the technology-driven retail industry are.  Read more

CIO Viewpoint

By Sangy Vatsa, EVP & CIO, Comerica Bank [NYSE: CMA]  
Our Bank is known for raising customer expectations by offering customer-rich products and services. Fast maturing and adoption of digital technologies in everyday use is further elevating those expectations for our customers and our colleagu  Read more
By Jozo Džakula, CIO, Konzum  
Since connectivity became omnipresent, technology companies are seeking a way to connect everything to the Internet.  Read more

Featured Vendors

By James E. Lewis, Founder and CEO  
Provides retail software tools and consulting services that focus on the principles of retailing―ensuring the right product is in the right stores at the right time  Read more
By Chris Siemasko, Chief Product Officer  
Zenmonics specializes in the development of intuitive, omnichannel software designed to empower financial organizations in creating seamless and engaging experiences for their customers and associates. Its flagship product channelUNITED enables...  Read more
By Brett Thoreson, Founder  
Offers a service to solve the cart abandonment problem for e-commerce companies  Read more

CXO Insights

By Douglas Turk, Chief Marketing Officer, JLT Speciality  
The retail insurance broking industry is facing an onslaught of new technologies with a promise of...  Read more
By Charlie Cole, Chief Digital Officer, VP, TUMI  
It’s easy to over complicate. Ultimately retail is divided by two lowest common...  Read more
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