Lihi Pinto, CRO and Co-founder, SyteLihi Pinto, CRO and Co-founder
Unpleasant experiences can sometimes be a blessing in disguise and give birth to unique and effective ideas. An ideal example to substantiate this would be the frustrating shopping experience that Lihi Pinto, the CRO and co-founder Syte once had. Upon catching sight of a beautiful red dress on Instagram, Lihi had set her foot on the shopping ground to chase after a similar one but her efforts went in vain. However, Lihi was unwilling to give up her hopes. She instead began to brainstorm ideas to transform the shopping experience for people across the globe by eliminating the similar hurdles that she faced. Lihi, with other co-founders of the company, joined hands with CERN’s particle physicist Dr. Helge Voss to build an AI-infused end-to-end product discovery platform that can help the retail industry meet shoppers’ expectations to the fullest. Voss, who later became the CTO of the company, utilized his knowledge in machine learning and deep neural networks in the making of the visual AI-infused platform and contributed greatly in birthing Syte.

Considering the digital revolution across the globe, Lihi mentions, “We are on a mission to make shopping delightful, seamless, and intuitive.” To this end, Syte has judiciously utilized the power of AI to bring the retail industry closer to its shoppers with the help its visual AI-powered platform that understands shoppers’ demands and suggests products identical to those demands swiftly.

The company provides a visual discovery suite that allows retailers to open the door to their customers for an exciting shopping experience through features such as camera search, in store solutions, recommendation engines and discovery buttons. Shoppers can click pictures of the product they are looking for through the camera search feature and upload on the retailers’ application. Thereafter, the AI takes over and recommends identical products, thereby making the purchase satisfactory and easy. Capable of identifying product categories, gender and age, the AI ensures that the camera search results match the suggested product accurately. Moreover, the suite’s in-store solutions enhance personalization and online engagement by building interactive discovery experiences and providing styling recommendations to the shoppers. What is more, by analyzing a customer’s past and present behavior data, the recommendation engines suggest products in real-time as well as provide “shop the look” styling suggestions that eventually increases the catalogue exposure. Also, eliminating the need to ferret out products painstakingly is the discovery button that converts every product page into a discovery gateway making way for ceaseless browsing.
Syte also helps retailers attract more and more high-intent shoppers while displaying their products on the shoppable feeds of Syte-powered devices, apps, and websites via the company’s cross-publisher marketplace. Its discovery marketplace enables well-established publishers, smart device manufacturers, social platforms, and apps to sow the seeds of new revenue by offering intuitive and delightful product discovery experiences.

We are on a mission to make shopping delightful, seamless, and intuitive

Understanding the significance of tagging in the present day digital world, Syte has also built a searchandising suite that provides advanced tagging and search solutions. An amalgamation of AI-powered product tagging and next-generation text search, this suite helps brands to make navigation a cake walk for the consumers, provide accurate results to them, and eventually strengthen their revenue. The suite is based on a proprietary visual-AI engine that adds meta tags and synonyms to products in abundance, advanced NLB and a polished rule engine, bringing highly intuitive search experience closest to shoppers.

Moreover, using Syte’s hyper-personalization suite, retailers can also personalize the product discovery experience for their customers. The suit offers personalization solutions by bringing together real-time behavioral data and visual AI. This helps in the prediction of products that suit the shoppers’ interests and convert them to happy buyers.

Syte’s collaboration with an online fashion retailer stands as a testimony to its abilities in providing best-in-business product discovery platform. The client was looking to enhance its product discovery throughout the buyer journey without major disruptions and alteration in its application’s interface. Partnering with Syte, the client identified a swift improvement in shopper engagement and overall spending. The camera search feature boosted the conversion rate on one hand, and the Shop Similar increased the page visits to 135 percent as well as the average order value to 12 percent on the other.

Not resting on its laurels, Syte will continue to enhance its offerings in order to cater to the growing and ever changing demands of its customers. Fashion undergoes tremendous change frequently. Be it clothing or home décor requirements, customers tend to develop new tastes with the passage of time. Considerably, Syte will ensure that the mission to make shopping experience a joyous one is being accomplished ceaselessly.