If you've ever tracked a package in real time and saw that it was "out for delivery" for what felt like forever, you already know one of the thorny issues related to last mile delivery—inefficiency. As customers turn to e-commerce for all their shopping needs, speedy fulfillment and distribution is no longer 'nice to have'—it is a key determinant of an incredible shopping experience. To this end, retail businesses are constantly on the lookout for new technologies and experimental supply chain models to increase parcel volume, expedite deliveries, and delight customers—all while trying to cut costs. However, one of the biggest challenges that they often stumble upon is last mile delivery. The final leg of shipment is reckoned as both the most expensive and time-consuming part of the shipping process.

From the moment an order is placed, the onus is on the retailers and their logistics teams/partners to deliver the product on time and in pristine condition. That's not all. With the Amazon effect creating ripples across the sector, today's customers do not just expect drop-off delivery service; they want a premium white-glove experience entailing smooth unpacking, hassle-free set-up, installation, and assembly of goods like furniture or specific equipment.

While navigating the challenges of the last mile delivery is no easy feat, Superior Logistics Ohio is moving the needle with its high-quality, all-encompassing logistics services for retailers in the home furnishings industry. Along with providing a white glove delivery experience to the end customers, the company delivers comprehensive services that cover everything from minor assembly of furniture to full-on appliance and electrical installations, including dishwashers, microwaves, and more.

Superior Logistics Ohio's journey began in 2015, when David Burkholder, founder and president of the company, encountered unsatisfactory experiences with various third-party logistics service providers while working for a retailer. Having witnessed the industry's impediments firsthand, he established Superior Logistics Ohio, underpinned by a customer-centric philosophy to provide the best delivery experience for end customers. To ensure that his company stays true to the philosophy, Burkholder himself carried out deliveries with other team members. "We are highly focused on the end customer's satisfaction, and it takes a cohesive team effort to deliver on our commitment to rendering unparalleled services," explains Jeremiah Runyon, Chief Operating Officer at Superior Logistics Ohio.

Leave the Delivery to Superior Logistics Ohio

Led by an executive team with over 50 years of experience in the home furnishings delivery and logistics business, Superior Logistics Ohio is perfectly poised to handle all logistics needs. Unlike other companies, Superior Logistics Ohio does not procure services from any contractors, which gives them complete control over the delivery of the final product. This also ensures that the delivery teams are quick to act upon any changes in client requirements.

Once a retailer sells a product, they can put their faith in Superior Logistics Ohio to deliver the product safely and on time to the end-user.

We are highly focused on the end customer's satisfaction, and it takes a cohesive team effort to deliver on our commitment to rendering unparalleled services

The company's success can be attributed to its highly skilled workforce that undergoes an extensive vetting process and targeted training program for furniture and appliance installation, earning them a "Superior Certified" tag.

Superior Logistics Ohio's white glove delivery service includes accurate delivery scheduling and live tracking that provide real-time updates to the end customers, giving them complete control over their purchase at their fingertips. The delivery team also calls the customer when they are en route to provide them with enough time to be prepared for the delivery. The team is trained to handle any issue that may arise while the product is being delivered. In case they are unable to resolve the issue, they are diligent in contacting the retailer and notifying them about the scenario so that the issue is fixed while the team is on-site and no further follow-up is required. All these features combine to provide an exceptional delivery experience for the customer.

Customer-Centric Innovation at the Core

A typical client engagement for Superior Logistics Ohio begins with a thorough understanding of the client's pain points to arrive at a solution that fits the bill. "Clients often have diverse needs and have various concerns regarding efficiency, customer satisfaction, and pricing. We are equipped to address their concerns and offer them a solution that caters to all their logistics needs," exerts Runyon. While most retailers depend on in-house delivery teams to carry out product installations, Superior Logistics Ohio provides specialized services more efficiently and at a better cost. Clients experience best-in-class service with individual dedicated account managers who are in complete control of the team executing the task.“The vision for Superior Logistics Ohio is to provide a level of service for the industry that allows the benefits that come with an employee-based model, providing accountability, combined with the contractor model price structure, which allows our clients to focus on driving sales through the door,” explains David Burkholder, President at Superior Logistics Ohio.

Following their founder's footsteps, the Superior Logistics Ohio team often goes out of its way to complete tasks. In certain instances, multiple employees work together to satisfy a single customer. Superior Logistics Ohio also works to create a seamless transition between its brand and that of its client. The company's staff wear co-branded uniforms to portray themselves as an extension of the retailer. "We don't worry about ordering or selling a product. All of our focus is on delivery. We don't leave a home until the consumer is satisfied," says Runyon.

Harboring an open and collaborative effort between staff and the management with hands-on work culture, Superior Logistics Ohio is quick to act upon client demands. The company's simple organization hierarchy makes it agile and facilitates fast results.
While consistent positive feedback is hard to come by in the home delivery sector, Superior Logistics Ohio stands out with a 4.9-star review on Google. The company takes on-site feedback from the customers and ensures that they are satisfied with the service, and it does not end there. The team also stays in contact with the customer to ensure that no further problems arise.

No Stopping with the Pandemic

Innovation at Superior Logistics Ohio is customer-driven, and the company is relentless in its quest to further improve the customer's experience. For instance, as the costs and inefficiencies of the last mile problem have been compounded by the continuous rise of ecommerce retail sales propelled by the pandemic, the Superior Logistics Ohio team has strengthened its focus on contactless delivery to address all safety concerns. "The pandemic has presented new challenges to the final mile delivery sector. We had to pivot and persevere in our attempt to quickly address the customer's needs and the safety of our staff," says Runyon.
  • Clients often have diverse needs and have various concerns regarding efficiency, customer satisfaction, and pricing. We are equipped to address their concerns and offer them a solution that caters to all their logistics needs

The disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is unlike any other. Businesses were forced to adapt to new working models, while some even had to close their doors either temporarily or permanently. But Superior Logistics Ohio has been working at full thrust. Considering all factors that posed a threat to the health of their staff and the end consumers, the company swiftly adapted to the ebb and flow of the pandemic. At the onset of the pandemic, Superior Logistics Ohio was quick to impose social distancing protocols to ensure safe delivery services. To further demonstrate its dedication to the safety of its employees, clients, and end customers, Superior Logistics Ohio joined the Coalition to Stop the Spread to receive and provide best practice solutions to reduce the spread of COVID-19. The company's agile nature proved instrumental in driving significant growth and boosting sales even during the pandemic.

Superior Logistics Ohio's vast client base includes some of Furniture Today's Top 50 Home Furnishing Stores. The company is also a SmartWay Transport Partner, an innovative collaboration between U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the logistics industry that provides a framework to assess the environmental and energy efficiency of goods movement supply chains. On a constant lookout to broaden its customer base, Superior Logistics Ohio is set to expand its delivery and installation services to the spa segment. The company is also focused on expanding its footprint to Kentucky, West Virginia, and Indiana. After gaining a strong foothold in these regions, the company will look to venture into newer territories. Superior Logistics Ohio has also streamlined the process to onboard new retailers in the appliance and home furnishing segment in the coming months. "In 2021, our aim is to take what we do for our existing clients and do it better, on a larger scale, and expand our capacity," notes Runyon.