When the future of retail is discussed, it is usually centred on Customer Experience and how the digitization of the retail landscape is changing that experience. Regardless of the customer interacting through a physical, digital, or hybrid channel, it’s always about delivering the most relevant and inspiring experience for that specific customer and context to drive a commercial outcome. The biggest challenge for physical retail, in a future where online platforms will be taking more and more of the share of all transactions, is to leverage technology to further improve the superior customer experience that brick and mortar can offer vs digital. That’s where Soundtrack Your Brand comes in.

Soundtrack Your Brand is unlocking the next generation music enablement for retailers, bringing the power of music streaming to the next generation retailers who want to be at the forefront of the retail technology revolution. “Music has been used to improve the retail experience for more than a hundred years, and it has proven to be a very effective and efficient tool for retailers worldwide. It positively impacts a consumer’s relation to a brand, his/her shopping experience—all the way to changing real time shopping behaviour,” says Ola Sars, the CEO and founder of Soundtrack Your Brand. “We offer the opportunity of adopting music powered by AI and APIs to enhance the experience in real-time.”

We offer the opportunity of adopting music powered by AI and APIs to enhance the experience in real-time

Soundtrack Your Brand has developed a unique proprietary music intelligence platform where retailers can input their aspired brand experience, instructing the AI on Genres, Tempos, Aspired Sound, Origin, Decades, and removing Explicit Lyrics if required. It enables retail brands to leverage sophisticated AI in order to deliver a sharp brand experience through music over time while keeping the brand experience relevant to the specific retail contexts, such as where it’s being delivered.

Being the only music streaming global service that has more than 10,000 direct licensing deals with labels and publishers worldwide, Soundtrack Your Brand enables access to a catalogue of more than 50 million tracks, fully licensed for business use. The company’s unique licensing platform also guarantees that retailers are sustainably sourcing music and all artists and composers are remunerated fairly based on when their music is played. For instance, Soundtrack Your Brand helped Gant, a well-known clothing retailer founded in the U.S. with over 500 stores around the world to increase their sales by an average of 37 percent. Mr Sars informs, “In our case study together with Gant, we examined the difference in sales and the time customers spent in the store when they heard music chosen to fit the brand, random music, and no music at all. Sales increased substantially when the Soundtrack model was applied and brand-fit music was played instead of random music.”

Such has been the prowess that Soundtrack Your Brand has garnered for itself by assisting global retailers since its inception in 2018. “We are in the early stage of the mission to Soundtrack the World of Brands and are now live in 75 markets worldwide. We have been providing an unheard of platform for brands who want to leverage music in their retail experience,” mentions Mr Sars. Moving forward, the company will support retailers to further a data-driven customer experience throughout all of their consumer touchpoints, connecting and adjusting the audio output to real-time data, unlocking a dynamic and immersive audio experience throughout their global retail footprint.