Mike Callachan, Group CEO, Snappy ShopperMike Callachan, Group CEO
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Even before the pandemic hit, consumer behaviour in the UK had been steadily changing, from shopping once a week in a supermarket to shopping every day for fresher products. This transition of trends has accelerated the use of online channels, further exacerbated by the pandemic.

Snappy Shopper, a tech solution enabling the local store to go multi/omni channel has helped hundreds of stores digitalise their operations in order to deliver goods to consumers.

The company champions the needs of businesses in their local communities and is empowering those businesses to embrace digital transformation.

Enabling high street retailers to set up an affordable home delivery service in a fast changing market is Snappy Shopper’s primary focus. It has experts who have spent years analysing consumer behaviour, trends and their technology usage, and brings to the table a platform that transforms convenience retailing. Mike Callachan, Co-founder of Snappy Shopper, says, “We offer a new-age holistic solution that provides peace of mind to the retailers. We are helping them fight back against dark store operators. And, from ordering and payment, all the way to delivery, every operation is supervised via a single dashboard.

Snappy Shopper provides its clients with a tablet with which they can walk around the store and scan the barcodes of the items being sold. With in-built APIs, it automatically pulls a picture of the product, categorises it, and the retailer simply has to enter the selling price, which is the same price as they sell at their outlets. This process ensures that the products are reasonably priced. Hiked prices on online shopping platforms are a ubiquitous sight, and Snappy Shopper enables its clients to stand out of the crowd by avoiding them. The customers can shop via Snappy Shopper’s app, choose what store they want to purchase from, place the order, and the retailers will get instant notifications. The information relating to the delivery address and ETA pops up, and the retailer accepts the order. They then assemble the order and hand it over to the driver for delivery. Using the app, the customer can view the driver’s location and progress. Snappy Shopper offers integration with EPOS systems, payment solutions, and merchant services to provide its clients with one-stop solutions.

Our company’s success is in delivering huge volumes of sales for independent retailers who maximise new customer onboarding using our technology

Snappy Shopper began when a local businessman from Dundee approached Callachan. The latter expressed his views about applying the online and app food ordering technology used by his company Hungrrr Ltd for local convenience stores. This marked the beginning of Snappy Shopper’s technology platform that connects consumers with local businesses.

During the pandemic, Snappy Shopper saw colossal growth. It started 2020 with nine clients, who collectively were doing 100,000 pounds of sales a month. By January 2021, Snappy Shopper had acquired 780 clients who made collective sales of 4.3 million pounds a month. It has grown substantially across the UK and onboarded small and independent businesses to help them compete in the e-commerce arena. The company has clients in the convenience sector such as SPAR, Premier, and Nisa.

Local businesses and communities are at the heart of the Snappy Shopper’s mission. Its website and proprietary mobile app technology provide an affordable, bespoke e-Commerce delivery and Click & Collect solution. The company works in partnership with local businesses to provide an outsourced tech platform, tailored to their specific needs, which can drive significant revenue uplift.

Though Snappy Shopper has already started getting international attention, its platform is focused on digitalising the UK high street. It has exciting new developments in store and plans to expand operations across other verticals. Snappy Shopper is working with big players who motivate it to develop cutting edge solutions. It has bridged the gap between retailers and technology, taking their revenue to millions. As Callachan adds, “Our company’s success is in delivering huge volumes of sales for independent retailers who maximise new customer acquisitions using our technology.

“Prior to the pandemic, Snappy Shopper was already established in grocery home delivery. The lockdown has served to accelerate the online trend, but we strongly believe that the shift in consumer behaviour will continue in the long term. While we expect the rapid rate of growth in deliveries to slow slightly as we come out of the pandemic, the online market is a long way from maturation.

“Our mission is to give communities on demand access to the products of local businesses. By putting the retailer in charge we support profitable growth, unlike other delivery platform giants. We trust our retail partners to serve their customers as they would expect and the platform therefore evolves to suit their needs. I believe our flexibility, commitment and commission structure differentiate us from our competitors.”