Paul Sessego, Chief Digital Officer, SELPPaul Sessego, Chief Digital Officer
Gift card programs are becoming a key part of retailers’ marketing tactics to attract and retain customers and constantly propel business growth. Retailers who understand the value that lies in a well-run gift card program will benefit from a competitive advantage over their competitors.

As a cutting-edge and customer obsessed company, SELP has earned its legitimacy by driving gift card programs to their maximum performance, using modern technology, as well as a wide market reach.

Among SELP’s notable achievements, this worldwide prestigious retail brand is a case in point. The sales and marketing teams were facing important challenges when they couldn’t extract actionable intelligence from the customer data concerning gift card purchases to curate more engaging gift card campaigns and generate additional revenue.

This was when they onboarded SELP, to manage their gift card program from design, production, personalization, and distribution of gift and prepaid cards to ramp up revenue and enhance customer satisfaction.

SELP took total control of the client’s gift card program, addressing every segment of their customer demands and automating vital data management processes. Their time tested partnership of six years with multiple successful programs had them churning many million euros annually in revenue through gift cards.

The strategy implemented was based on three pillars:

Improve the customer experience by displaying a range of web platforms along the customer journey to sell, offer and reward customers with digital gift cards.

Proactively address the market by making the brand’s e-gift card an essential employee benefit and an incentive for employees and customers.

Leverage shopper’s data to extract essential information on customer satisfaction as well as on purchasing behavior and allow the retailer to create targeted offers, boosting customer’s retention

“We act as a retailer’s gift card program manager, from conceptualization to implementation, to help them bring new customers into their stores and generate more revenue while curating loyalty programs for existing customers,” says Paul Sessego, Chief Digital Office of SELP.

SELP provides gift card program consultancy for luxury brands and companies involved in specialized trade, ensuring top retail companies can leverage its gift card solutions and services to increase footfall, reward loyalty, and generate additional revenue. SELP has always been a white label and agnostic partner, working from any existing technical set up, making its solutions compatible with any cash register systems.

We act as a retailer’s gift card program manager from conceptualization to implementation guaranteeing new customers into the stores and additional revenue for the retailer, while curating data-driven loyalty programs

What is setting SELP apart from other players in the market is the combination of technical expertise and their high-level consultancy services. Set in motion by gift card experts, SELP will work proactively to promote the retailer’s digital gift card on markets that are highly profitable (Business to Business or BtoBtoC) and will use fine analysis of redemption and behavioral data, enabling the brand to improve the quality of decision making with the goal to increase sales and revenue for the brand.

For individual customers, SELP and its webshop Frizbee, is a tool to buy e-gift cards from the brand (direct purchase or collective Money Pot) and convert loyalty points into e-gift cards. For corporate clients, it facilitates the issuance of gift cards for their employee incentives or customers. Frizbee is also used internally by the marketing departments of various brands to promote targeted operations and reward loyalty. The after sales service department can also leverage it to manage refunds and offer compensation to customers.

In light of Frizbee’s multifaceted role across diverse industries, SELP services are used by almost 50 percent of the major retailers in France and many others across Europe and the globe.

Keeping with the significant rise in digital gift card usage, retailers want to monitor their loyalty programs to effectively gauge customer satisfaction and accordingly curate targeted offers. On that note, SELP offers top-notch data management expertise by empowering clients with their customer data in a powerful dashboard and organized format. Retailers can utilize the data to draw actionable insights, modify their marketing tactics to achieve heightened customer loyalty, and draw new customers to stores.

Due to this unfettering emphasis on technological innovation and personalized client engagement, SELP’s products and services are used by over 350 million users across 60 countries. Building on this undisputed legacy, SELP will continue to be the global gift card manager for retailers looking to make the most of advanced technical solutions and expert consultancy to build a stronger brand identity in the highly competitive retail landscape.