Sadru Peerani, Sales Manager, RMSSadru Peerani, Sales Manager
RMS deploys B2C (Business to-Consumer), B2B (Business to-Business) and back-office solutions for small, and medium retailers and wholesalers. The firm provides NCR Counterpoint solutions for various industries, such as Apparel & Footwear, gardens, Museums, Art Galleries & Attractions to name a few. Providing industry-specific solutions, coupled with constant technological support, the firm allows clients to streamline their frontend and backend solutions, be it brick-and mortar or online. With expert knowledge of the retail and wholesale practices of various industries, RMS continuously anticipates the challenges and assists clients in adapting to them.

The customer-centric approach employed by RMS ensures continuity of operations by customizing new tools and solutions to suit each client’s unique perspective. Streamlining their workflows improves the interaction between customers and the methods for delivering products and services. RMS’s tools, aimed at increasing consumer experience, enable clients to take advantage of opportunities that arose from the crisis. Even as its competitors reduced staffing levels, RMS increased its workforce by 50 per cent during the pandemic, hiring employees to meet the diversified and increased needs of its customers.

“No individual system can do everything. Our products and services are designed to provide the total package by integrating multiple systems and enabling communication between them,” says Sadru Peerani, Sales Manager of RMS. The products developed by RMS are designed to meet the wide-ranging requirements of the clients by integrating several platforms into a single ecosystem, delivering a seamless end-to-end solution. To increase overall productivity and expand customer reach, the RMS CounterPoint-Shopify Integration and CounterPoint-WooCommerce Integrations assist e-commerce clients in strengthening their online presence. The firm also develops custom solutions around the Standard eCommerce Integration Modules to enhance clients’ capabilities and provide their customers with a unique experience.

Before deploying solutions, RMS performs a needs assessment to understand the customer’s goals. Analyzing the results, the firm conducts a customized demo process to determine the right tools to apply. The project is then approached in a phased manner where the RMS implementation team constantly interacts with clients to discover challenges and solve them. The firm conducts strategic meetings, providing critical advice on the technical nuances of the solutions and their implications so clients can take full advantage of their benefits.

No individual system can do everything. Our products and services are designed to provide the total package by integrating multiple systems and enabling communication between them

An instance showcasing RMS’s successful, partnership journey is one with its Canadian clients that deliver daily essentials and services to remote areas. Individuals in remote locations with limited or no access to the internet relied on the client for access to essentials, such as groceries. RMS’s team visited some of the sites and set up systems to facilitate information sharing between the goods and service providers. As the client needed to produce and deliver diversified products, RMS began working with the client’s vendors, providing a complete visualization of their inventory, to create unique drop-ship environments and ensuring effective material planning. Currently, RMS is developing a platform for local artists to showcase and sell artefacts. The client has an ongoing partnership with RMS to enhance the delivery of their products and services to the communities they serve. This form of building strategic partnerships is a cornerstone for RMS’s relationships with its clients.

RMS emphasizes soft skills and technological expertise to further propagate its customer-centric processes. RMS’s team, well versed in developing communication channels with each client to understand their precise needs, works together to create tailored solutions. With a collaborative approach, the firm enhances the tools and solutions to solve every challenge for the client.