Amidst the COVID-19 crisis in the world, the market is experiencing the abundance of the best technological innovations. The retail business is implementing several technologies into their business to promote a contact-free and convenient mode of shopping.

FREMONT, CA: At this juncture, where the world is struggling against the pandemic, retailers are renovating their business style, to promote a no-contact shopping experience for its customers. Tech-savviness is not a new aspect of retail, but this crisis period is inviting more and more sophisticated technology to fuse with retails. Not just are the retailers keeping in mind social distancing and crowd avoidance, but also focusing on introducing the next generation tech-enabled shopping experience for accelerating business growth.

This post will highlight four trending technological innovations that have geared up to reshape the retail business.


Beacons are a new, smart invention that promotes push-marketing strategy. These small, wireless devices reach out to customers through Bluetooth connections and retail applications installed on their smartphones. Beacons notify the customer about their present location in the store and can redirect them to the product that they wish to purchase. Moreover, digital scanning, through beacons, can reveal information about the products they are fetching. Beacons are hopeful towards shortening the time taken by the customers to buy a product and additionally help to maintain distance from store staff.

Augmented Reality

Every customer can now try on clothes and shoes, makeup, and accessories without physically touching the products. Augmented reality brings life into this idea by employing smart mirrors that give a more realistic augmented reflection of the shopper, from the clothes they choose to the hair color they pick. MAC cosmetics have introduced the digital try-on tool on their e-commerce site which has made it convenient for the customers to make a suitable choice.

Biometrics for fitting

The 3D AI-enabled shopping experience is all set to transform the shopping experiences by eliminating the fit-related issues of the customers. The users' biometric details are captured to predict the best suitable size of clothes for them with enhanced accuracy. With this innovation, customers would be able to check their looks without trying them on.

Technologies enabling demand-sensing

Technologies that aid in mapping the inflow of customers and traffic within store premises is a new adoption. Not only do they identify the hot spots and crowd areas in stores but also offer predictions to brands regarding the customer behavior and expectation for the next time they return to the stores.

As this pandemic has metamorphosed life on the planet, it has added to the existing challenges of businesses. They now need to reboot their strategies to entice more customers online or offline, promote safe shopping practices, match the modern trends of customer expectations, and thereby accelerate business growth.

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