Fremont, CA

Attracting customers to products and making it simple for retailers to stock and refresh shelves are the keys to retail success. Retailers can achieve both goals with the proper packaging, and their goods will fly off the shelves. Retail-ready packaging (RRP) is defined as packaging that is designed to be displayed in stores. Retailers must execute this type of packaging strategically and properly because it will likely follow particular retail criteria regarding shape and size.

Importance of retail packaging

In order for the packaging to be as successful as possible in a retail setting, it must meet specific criteria.  Otherwise, the products may not be restocked as regularly as they should be, or customers may choose to buy from competitors instead. For a number of reasons, retail packaging is required.

Consumers get a solid initial impression through the way retailers design their package. It's one of the factors that convince people to try their product and keeps them coming back. According to research, 81 percent of consumers tried something new since the shelf-ready retail product packaging piqued their interest. Retailers can not only attract new clients but also keep them intrigued with the correct packaging. Packaging can make a difference, since 63 percent of consumers have purchased a product again because of its appearance, especially because data reveals that 52 percent of consumers have shifted brands as a result of changing packaging.

Packaging that is shelf-ready and retail-ready is also crucial for building brand trust and visibility.  Distinctive packaging can help the goods stand out on the shelf and keep the brand in front of buyers' minds. Plenty of other brands are likely to be attempting to market a product that is similar to yours. As a result, brand uniqueness is critical to a brand's success in retail locations. Retailers can also participate in more major sustainability activities by adopting retail-ready corrugated packaging and other eco-friendly solutions.  Of course, this is great for the environment, but it also adds a new dimension to your branding that can help retailers pull and retain more customers.