Swiftly platform powers a user-friendly 99 mobile app, increasing sales and customer loyalty.

Fremont, CA: Consumers and brands can buy and sell items with the push of a button, thanks to mobile devices such as smartphones & tablets. Due to how simple it is to conduct business, mobile commerce has quickly become a major eCommerce subcategory. And it makes sense! Mobile devices are widely helpful, and their appeal is only increasing.

Swiftly®, the premier retailer technology solutions provider, has partnered with 99 Cents Only Shops LLC for its 382 stores in California, Texas, Arizona, and Nevada. The agreement will improve customers' mobile shopping experiences while generating new advertising revenue for the extreme-value retailer.

Swiftly technology underpins the 99's new, user-friendly smartphone app, which offers a connected in-store purchasing experience with multi-language possibilities. The app, currently free to all on the App Store and Google Play, provides shoppers with products from their local store and unique discounts and prizes to help them save money. Furthermore, 99 Cents Only Stores can generate new advertising revenue and give closed-loop reporting with measurable SKU-level transactions. Ad clicks to deliver accurate, actionable insights that are not available elsewhere.

Despite the development of e-commerce, 90percent of purchases will still be made in-store. Retailers can capitalize on the merit of their physical locations by providing an omnichannel shopping experience tailored to their consumers' purchasing preferences, thereby increasing customer loyalty. The relationship with Swiftly enables 99 Cents Only Stores to immediately deliver a unique, connected purchasing experience. This version establishes the groundwork for future shopper benefits such as Delivery and Endless Aisle shopping.

The 99 will provide a seamless platform for consumer packaged goods firms to contact customers in a personalized and ultra-targeted digital experience that drives incremental sales with Swiftly's help. CPG brand partners may engage shoppers and increase basket sizes at the checkout by using dynamic ad placements, targeted content, sponsored searches, and product suggestions.

The Swiftly platform offers a comprehensive and integrated retail media network for brick-and-mortar shops and brands moving to a digitally connected shopping experience. The platform enables retailers to earn new revenue from ad spending, brands to gain better analytics and a higher return on ad spend, and customers to have a more personalized and linked shopping experience from online to in-store.