Sullivans buys leading wind chimes company to promote product innovation and growth.

FREMONT, CA: Woodstock Percussion, Inc. has been acquired by Sullivans and will operate as a subsidiary of Sullivan, Inc. Woodstock Chimes founder, Garry Kvistad has picked Sullivans to lead his company into the next generation after five decades of industry leadership.

“Our legacy with Woodstock Chimes is rooted in musical quality and craftsmanship. The product is very, very important to all of us and Sullivans honors and respects what we have created. We found the perfect partner, as Sullivans is highly respected in the industry and they have the marketing expertise and reach to help take Woodstock Chimes to even greater heights,” says Kvistad, who will continue to be an ambassador for the company.

“Sullivans’ growth strategy led us to search for opportunities to extend our leadership position in indoor home decor to outdoor and garden decor. The alignment of our companies cultures, award-winning product line, unwavering commitment to customer service and a talented, dedicated team at Woodstock Chimes makes this a very appealing addition to the Sullivans portfolio,” says Sullivans CEO Tom Russo.

Sullivans Director of Marketing shares Tom Russo’s enthusiasm. “We’re excited to combine our leadership in home decor with Woodstocks excellence in sound quality. We plan to drive a decor-forward approach that that has not historically been seen in the wind chime space, creating even more beautiful and serene spaces in holistic wellness and outdoor environments,” adds Tawni Buhler.

In 1979, the GRAMMY Award-winning singer and his wife, Diane, founded the company in the gorgeous Hudson Valley of New York. Their dedication to fine-tuning and great-sounding wind chimes immediately drew a wide and loyal following. The Kvistads looked for a well-established firm with a market-leading position and a culture of product and customer service excellence as they began to plan for the future of Woodstock Chimes. Sullivans, a leader in the home décor sector, was the result of their search.

“Current Woodstock Chimes President, Stacey Bowers, will continue to lead operations as the Kvistads step away. For decades we’ve focused on our core offerings and the musical elements of our chimes, but you look at a company like Sullivans that is truly very innovative and I can’t help but get excited about the potential for growth and product development. Knowing that they have great product designers and a dedicated product development team, we think it will be a terrific partnership. I think there is a lot we can do to expand our product categories beyond wind chimes and suncatchers which is exciting,” says Bowers.