Soom Foods, the premier brand of premium tahini in the United States, and Seedible, the innovative creators of spreadable sesame butter, agreed to join forces to bring the creamiest, silkiest tahini and tahini products to consumers across the United States. 

Seedible Founder and CEO, Daniel Aronhime, joined the Soom team as the new Chief Growth Officer earlier this year. As he fulfilled his Seedible commitments to retailers and partners, he began the process of replacing Seedible SKUs with Soom SKUs in strategic retailers and connecting the Soom team with Seedibles best in class resources for research and development and co-packing, looking ahead at Sooms innovation pipeline. 

Conversations began in October of 2020, with Seedible becoming fully acquired in March 2021 when Daniel Aronhime was onboarded as a new member of the Soom Crew. Daniel brings a full portfolio of skills that are a perfect complement to Sooms small, mighty team. His experience in retail and operations management round out Sooms robust toolkit. Seedible also brings a motivated investor and mentor team that will assist in guiding Sooms continued effort to make tahini and tahini products as common as ketchup across American kitchens. 

Seedibles existing SKUs will be evaluated promptly by the Soom team, trusted channel partners, and loyal consumers as Soom explores new opportunities for launching innovative tahini based products. Daniel Aronhime will continue to work closely with Sooms executive team to develop an innovative new product pipeline. In the meantime, Soom will utilize Seedibles extensive distribution know-how to double retail distribution and expand volume. 

Amy Zitelman, Sooms co-founder and CEO, in response to the idea of eventually acquiring another company, I never considered the financial implications, but I did think as additional tahini product companies have entered the industry, that there would be a great benefit to combining forces rather than remaining competitors. As new brands came into the tahini category, we saw them as a healthful balance of competitor and collaborator. Theres a lot of room to educate the American market about tahini! To be able to combine efforts and resources - in particular our people, skills, and networks - gives Soom Foods a great opportunity to have a larger impact and faster growth than not having acquired Seedible.

The announcement is very exciting for Soom Foods and provides the brand with the resources needed to continue developing and creating the best tahini in the industry. Accompanied by amazing taste and top quality ingredients, Soom Foods looks forward to making tahini a pantry staple in kitchens across the US.