Softpays enable store associates to check out customers anywhere in the store or at the curb, transforming the shopping experience.

FREMONT, CA: The essential element that influences the conversion rate of a customer is convenience. The more steps a customer takes to complete a transaction, the more likely they will abandon their purchase and shop elsewhere. A user-friendly payment gateway ensures more software usage as they ensure better accessibility. has partnered with Amadis to supply its Universal EMV Level 2 Framework and pre-certified Kernels for integration into Softpay's new Tap-to-Pay service. Softpay's unique Tap-to-Pay service can be downloaded and turned into a complete payment card acceptance terminal on any Android handset. Softpays technology gives merchants more flexibility and future-proofing capabilities and lowers costs and additional revenue streams.

"By integrating Amadis One with our Tap-to-Pay solution, we enable merchants to revolutionize the customer experience, while lowering their costs and providing greater flexibility. By enabling tap-to-pay transactions on smartphones, merchant fees for card present transactions are lowered, new customer points of interactions (POIs) are generated, creating innovative new ways to interact with customers, while processing transactions." says Craig Jacoby, CEO of

Softpays Tap-to-Pay has an impact on various industries, including merchants and quick service restaurants, which can now run more efficiently. While multitasking, employees can accept payments anywhere in the store or at curbside pickup points. While passengers are onboard trains and buses, transit operators can drive new points of sale by instantaneously offering and processing new and upgraded tickets.

"Softpays Tap-to-Pay service provides innovative new experiences to retail, transportation and the QSR industries, and our Amadis One software framework helps them bring products to market faster. Amadis One commoditizes complex payment processes, freeing up resources for merchants to innovate, accelerating time to market and reducing costs, while enhancing the customer experience." says Emmanuel Haydont, CEO, and co-founder of Amadis.