SnowShoe has introduced the contactless check-in solution in the industry, the new Spark Tap offers businesses a Covid-safe and extremely secure way for customers and employees to check-in.

FREMONT, CA: SnowShoe, a leading Portland-based developer of physical presence systems for mobile authentication, has announced the first contactless check-in solution in the industry. The new Spark Tap offers businesses a Covid-safe and highly secure way for customers and employees to check in to a physical location using only their phones.

SnowShoes Spark Tap is a hands-free, simple-to-use hardware device that will support a loyalty check-in or reward a coupon without needing employees and customers to be in close vicinity. The proprietary solution requires no batteries or electricity and can be sprayed off with alcohol or sanitizer. Unlike the current technologies such as near-field communication (NFC) and QR codes, the cost-efficient Spark Tap works efficiently with any capacitive touchscreen like every model of iOS and Android smartphones, right out of the box.

"Small retailers have the odds stacked against them these days," said Steve Rowen, Managing Partner, RSR Research. "Solutions like this enable them to utilize their most powerful asset the ability to spin up creative new features quickly and nimbly in order to compete with the big guys. It's a big deal."

Spark Tap authenticates every check-in event using SnowShoes' proprietary algorithm. When the Spark Tap stamp makes full contact with the screen of a phone or tablet, the mobile device detects a proprietary pattern that is unique to a particular location and validates physical presence. SnowShoes' secure process utilizes this pattern to verify which Spark Tap was touched before securely returning analytics and behavioral data to businesses for re-use.

"2020 was a challenging year for businesses that rely on physical interaction with their staff and customers," said Ned Hayes, CEO of SnowShoe. "Spark Tap helps create safer physical environments so that business owners can continue to operate in a secure, unique and engaging way. Retailers can safely reward brick and mortar foot traffic and events and hospitality companies can securely authenticate location entry."

SnowShoes solutions have already been implemented to more than 30,000 users worldwide, with the Spark system facilitating 25 million check-in events to date. The addition of the Spark Tap product line is expected to increase global adoption of the Spark system as a favored check-in solution for large and small retailers.