Ryde has unveiled a new delivery feature that rethinks how delivery drivers receive and complete their jobs.

Fremont, CA: "New Hourly+ on-demand delivery service balances the security of shifts for workers with the functionality of instant delivery for customers." states Duncan Mitchell, CEO of Ryde. Hourly+ is a new feature from Ryde, a delivery service company that takes a shift-based approach to on-demand delivery. Hourly+, an innovative addition to the company's popular white-labeled logistics system, will boost on-demand delivery fulfillment rates, especially for supermarket and retail clients.

"Traditional on-demand has notoriously bad fulfilment rates - and we expect them to get worse," comments Duncan Mitchell, CEO of Ryde. "It's because delivery couriers are opting for more reliable shift-based work, instead of the traditional wait for a job, without pay, on-demand model. Meanwhile, the explosive growth of instant grocery has conditioned consumers to expect their deliveries in 10 minutes or less. This combination causes major fulfilment issues for companies in the last-mile delivery space. So, we responded with Hourly+, a shift-based approach to on-demand."

The launch follows a three-week trial of the new functionality with a small group of supermarket and e-commerce clients. The research proved that rethinking how delivery couriers receive and perform jobs can be quite beneficial.

Hourly+, according to Ryde, could be the future of on-demand last-mile delivery. It tackles the industry's long-standing issues of low satisfaction and productivity. According to a survey of riders, 90 percent preferred shift work over on-demand work since it provided more consistent pay and job stability. The findings coincided with a sharp decline in on-demand employment acceptance rates across clients and a 70 percent increase in shift-based work uptake. Hourly+ promotes a "rider-first" strategy, allowing Ryde riders to keep control of their workdays while still getting on-demand service.

Ryde's objective is to create and improve technology solutions that help riders and clients alike. From its humble origins as a contractor-only platform, the company has grown rapidly by developing a logistical solution that allows businesses to cut costs and meet customer responsibilities while addressing the various issues that workers in the UK's gig economy face.

This innovative model ensures that a rider is always available to pick up a job, allowing customers to complete their deliveries faster and without the risk associated with traditional on-demand services. Meanwhile, gamification features will encourage riders to deliver faster by establishing a minimum hourly rate and paying more efficient riders with bonuses. Customers will be able to rate drivers based on the number of jobs accepted or declined every hour using productivity tracking. Furthermore, proximity tracking will follow riders' progress in real-time, and custom dashboards will aid businesses in making better judgments about order volume and staffing needs.