Humanization, deep personalization, and applying insightful empathy to ensure they can meet the altering customer expectations and supercharge modern customer engagements will be retailers' focus in 2022.

FREMONT, CA: Over the last two years, the acceleration in digitalization has connected the world by uninterrupted, hyper-personalized experience. Today, lives that have been peppered with frictionless, customized moments and experiences have led to modifying expectations and communication procedures between retailers and customers. This evolution has driven the fast-growing demand for personalized engagement. In a way, retail has continued with cautious recovery into 2022.

Nowadays, customers prefer a platform that is more convenient to them,  which means retail leaders now must establish how their business can integrate that non-linger footprint into a seamless, omnichannel experience. The main aim must be to enable customer data and records to be mapped across all communication channels; if not, retailers will lose out on harnessing potentially powerful data and risk revenue loss and customer lifetime value reduction.

Further, retailers can connect better–across various platforms, at a larger scale, and in a completely automated and data-driven manner–with their customers by incorporating empathy into their marketing efforts. Organizations can make better-informed decisions based on data collection, analysis, and additional factors like audience and economic trends that impact marketing efforts, using artificial intelligence (AI) and automation.

The next step for retailers to innovate their capabilities would be raising their digitized customer engagement standards to embrace advanced humanized technology. When customers feel like they are not talking to machines that would be the next personalization step for companies. Now in Asia-Pacific, the retailers are concentrating on automation and digitalization. However, by 2022, they will have quickly shifted to humanization, deep personalization, and applying insightful empathy to meet altering customer expectations and supercharge modern customer engagements.