The last-mile delivery solution can transform the logistics systems by delivering the packages as soon as possible to the clients. 

FREMONT, CA : The application of technology has interrupted the logistics industry. On the other hand, eCommerce was also created. Today, both logistics and e-commerce maintain a shared link due to technology. This connection, which they call the last-mile delivery, strengthens the symbiotic relationship between logistics and eCommerce.

What is the last-mile delivery?

As the name implies, last-mile delivery is the last stage of the delivery process taking place from the warehouse facility to the doorsteps of the customer. The distribution of the last mile through varies from just a few blocks to 50 to 100 miles.

The last mile distribution's primary aim is to deliver the package as soon as possible to the clients. The last mile is considered a critical factor in the business of logistics and the supply chain. It's also the cornerstone to satisfy the client. The most time-consuming and costly aspect of the entire shipping process is the last mile.

How last-mile delivery software boosts your last-mile delivery.

Feature-rich software that can critically transform the organization by making the last mile delivery more useful than ever is defined as the last-mile delivery solution. Here are some of the main qualities.

Route optimization

Optimization of routes plays a crucial role in minimizing the overall delivery time by finding the most successful routes. It considers many factors to develop the most effective routes, such as traffic, location, capacity, and time. In addition, it also enables them to make some last-minute adjustments or re-optimize them by giving the driver a real-time update.


The auto-dispatch mechanism helps to handle every hot-shot assignment and on-demand orders effectively. It chooses at the correct time the most appropriate driver for the right mission and thus minimizes service time and labor costs.

Proof of delivery

With the aid of in-app signatures, images, notes, and barcodes, the final mile delivery management program helps companies complete the delivery.

Audit key metrics

Companies can visualize important indicators like performance rates, service times, on-time rates, distance traveled, feedback scores, and many more with a comprehensive Logistics Management Solution. They can also classify or filter the data by day, week, drivers, team, or even an hour.

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