The seamless and smooth integration of enables Grand Appliance to apply a comprehensive approach to customer interactions, utilizing interactive conversations to establish, nurture, and monetize meaningful client relationships.

FREMONT, CA: "We knew our previous approach to customer interactions was hindering the optimization of our customer experience. When we discovered the broader automation benefits of's interactive solution, we knew implementing it would enable us to nurture more meaningful relationships with our customers, turning them into advocates and repeat buyers." says Jeff Clemens, Vice President Marketing of Grand Appliance & TV. is the Complete Customer Engagement Platform for high-value retail. It allows Grand Appliance & TV, the largest appliance and electronics shop in Chicago with 30 locations, to fundamentally alter how it connects with customers.

Grand Appliance & TV's sales, marketing, and customer service interactions combine into one customer-centric experience leveraging's conversational AI-driven automated solution. It enables the shop with a single platform to handle website chat, customer chats, and online reviews utilizing the ideal combination of chatbots and human interactions.

"The implementation process was very seamless and smooth, and has given Grand Appliance a unified vision of all customer interactions. Now Grand Appliance & TV is playing a leading role within the high-value retailer sector demonstrating how interactive customer engagement can drive sales, break team silos and give full visibility into every aspect of a customer's experience, for everyone." says Ralph Shulberg, General Manager North America at is collaborating closely with Grand Appliance & TV on optimization advancements, enhanced automation, and further integration of the retailer's operations and systems, as the initial implementation was a huge success.