Fremont CA: eCommerce is becoming an extremely exuberant and dynamic sector. With customers looking for a high-degree and trouble-free buying experience, eCommerce providers fulfilling customer expectations are reaping more significant profits. It is thus online retailers need to stay abreast with the latest technological trends orbiting this domain in order to stay ahead. The advantages of staying aware of technology trends are multi-fold, such as an expanded customer base, reduced operational costs, and increased productivity.  

Smart Personalization

We all know that people love browsing their smartphones, so automating suggestions such as discounts, deals, and loyalty points based on customer preferences and their location boosts sales and makes customers happier. Who doesn’t like discounts on products that match their preferences?

Chatbots or Virtual Assistants

Chatbots or virtual assistants are proving to be high utility features in offering customer support. As they are enabled with AI and come with intuitive capabilities, they can respond to customer queries with higher accuracy. Another plus point is that they can be available 24x7 hours without any increase in costs.

AR/VR Enabled ECommerce

eCommerce giants such as Amazon is already making use of technologies such as augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) into their online platform, assisting users in trying out different products in real-time. Whether it is superimposing a 3D sofa in the living room or trying out virtual dresses before placing the order, eCommerce is on the path to continued innovation.

Inventory Management

While the conventional form of inventory management is restricted to current stock levels, AI-enabled inventory management is enabling eCommerce companies to maintain stocks based on data related to sales trends over the previous years, assisting in the projection of anticipated changes in customer demands, signaling before time about issues that can impact inventory levels due to delay in supply. 

Therefore, we can say that the ways in which eCommerce companies can exploit and utilize technology are immense. And they are also realizing that in order to meet competition in this sector, technology is not just helpful but also becoming indispensable. Many exciting technologies are yet to come in the future.