The future of the retail industry is now. The augmented reality (AR), machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) are here to stay. Retailers are leveraging advanced technology to bridge the gap between customers and retailers.

FREMONT, CA: Just like technology, retail remains a changing landscape. The main emphasis on the digital transformation continues to reshape online experiences and customer expectations of physical stores. The retailers who succeed in this environment are the ones who embrace technological change. Let's take a closer look at some of the tech trends that will affect the retail sphere over the next few years.


AR technology helps to offer visitors with improved indoor navigation experience is the next step to building brand loyalty. Wayfinding mobile apps aid customers not to get lost and can even lead them to a particular product in a store. Augmented Reality-based indoor navigation is capable of removing shortcomings of beacon-based solutions and providing more accurate user positioning.


Omnichannel marketing means that the customers expect experience across all the channels. None of the channels are meaningful or distinct to them. The role the mobile-based visual search plays in customers making buying decisions can be taken as a fine instance. Pinterest Lens lets any user pull out the phone, snap a picture, and find pins on the platform in a matter of seconds. The platform has experienced over 100 percent of year-to-year growth, showing interest in visual search is there when there's an app that can do it well.


Voice-based search has been in the show for recent years, especially as a function on app-enabled smartphones and television sets. The logic is extremely straightforward. Integrating voice into any device is easy, thanks to the advent of the Amazon Voice Service. The users can expect to see many products that will bear the label Alexa-enabled shortly. This idea found its way to the IoT products like smart mirrors, which engagingly deliver varied content.

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