Security cameras are considered to be essential when it comes to preventing shoplifting in the retail sector.

FREMONT, CA: The Internet of Things (IoT) has driven an exciting progression that deals with connected devices and the advantages bring. In the present day, several IoT gadgets rely on artificial intelligence (AI) to offer more and more benefits. People can notice AI-enabled security cameras at the stores, which are computer vision-equipped cameras as well. The cameras can identify the face of the shopper and predict if they try to leave with merchandise at a self-checkout station even without scanning it.

Some companies provide the abilities of smart cameras and analytics together at once. Apart from that, it also offers cameras to the clients that can provide real-time insights regarding any suspicious happenings, and on the other hand, can allow the users to rely on the gathered analytics to figure out the most popular and not-so-popular areas of the store. Even though the prospective for such advanced cameras are marked, several people are still left apprehensive about the privacy concerns, as well as customer profiling. Therefore, retailers face a few hardships while cleaning, when they want to maintain a balance between decreasing thefts and bringing comfort to the customers.

In the U.S., grocery stores are implementing the high-tech shopping cart, which helps the customers to leverage image recognition abilities, with built-in sensors to determine the items they have out inside the shopping cart. There are smart carts that carry display panels on their handles and provide customers with live updates about promotions, while they are wandering inside the store. Keeping in mind the abilities of a smart shopping cart, companies can gain millions in their funding rounds. Companies can and have built models that sync with a smartphone and display a virtual version of every item placed by the customers in the cart.

Everywhere, the retail managers are seen relying on their experience to settle on the number of employees to place in different shifts and fill in an end-cap display. Nevertheless, they can now make use of various tools such as smart sensors that can track the number of people entering the store or their departments.

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