Covectra, a leader in track and trace solutions, has updated its StellaGuard, a smart label and mobile product authentication solution.

FREMONT, CA: StellaGuard, a smart label and mobile product authentication solution from Covectra, a leader in track and trace solutions, has been updated. Utilizing their Android or Apple mobile devices, customers can now more simply and reliably detect, authenticate, monitor genuine products, and combat counterfeiting. StellaGuard is the only security solution that combines overt and covert security in a single product.

Today's major brands can depend on StellaGuards highly secure, cloud-based mobile authentication solution to protect buyers, recognize illicit sellers, offer universal brand protection, and boost track and tracing abilities all across the supply chain, from clothing, handbags, shoes, cosmetics, liquor, and sporting equipment to consumer electronics, automotive spare parts, and pharmaceuticals. The following are some of the new features:

New Mobile Support for Android and Apple

Many consumers can secure themselves from buying counterfeit or hazardous products online or in stores now that any Android or Apple device is supported. Customers can use the free StellaGuard mobile app to scan the product barcode and check its validity in seconds.

Increased Holographic Flecks for Better Security

StellaGuard 2.0 adds more randomized holographic flecks that integrate with a serialized QR code that's unique to that label, making the product nearly hard to forge. The StellaGuard app scans the QR code, matches the random fleck pattern, and counts to that QR code, indicating Authentic or Counterfeit after verification, prohibiting counterfeit goods.

Covectra's serialization, track-and-trace, and authentication technologies protect, trace, and manage products throughout the supply chain, down to the unit-dose level. The company allows consumers in the pharmaceutical, food & beverage, luxury goods, and tobacco industries to secure brand security, product safety, and supply chain integrity by changing supply chains with end unit traceability from the packaging line to the cloud. Covectra assists in the fight against fraud, product diversion, and product recall, with more than 3 billion serial numbers issued globally.