There is a wide range of online payment methods to choose from, but it is necessary to understand business needs and how it will benefit the company.

FREMONT, CA: When designing a completely functional online store/ eCommerce website, companies must ensure that the online store allows the customers to make online payments. Choosing the correct type of payment option is a crucial step for eCommerce.

Payment methods vary from one another and from one business to the next. Companies must determine which payment method will suit the nature of the organization while also appealing to the customers. It is a crucial step toward accomplishing profitability and success.

The days of only accepting cash for payments are long gone. Various instant payment methods are now available as a result of technological advancements. With new players such as UPI, mobile payments, mobile wallets, and many more, the payment space moves more towards the digital side.

Without a doubt, it is critical to select a payment option that is appropriate for the business, but it is also necessary to consider other influencing factors. Customer interaction is one of them.

People now use multiple online payment methods. They are attempting to customize the application and process according to their preference. That is the primary reason why an eCommerce site must accept more than one payment process. The online store's conversion rate can be increased by accepting various payment methods.

Here is the list of some payment methods for the e-commerce business.


E-wallets are one of the latest trends that provide a completely new shopping experience. They are gaining popularity at an alarming rate, and it require both merchant and customer registration. They can withdraw or deposit funds after opening an e-wallet account and connecting it to their bank account.

The entire process of using an e-wallet is simple and quick. E-wallets, which are regarded as a developed and instant digital payment process, can be incorporated with mobile wallets by utilizing advanced functionalities such as NFC.

Prepaid card payments:

Prepaid cards are considered as an alternative to credit/debit cards.

They typically come in various stored values from which the customer must select. Virtual currency is stored on prepaid cards. Prepaid cards have a low adoption rate, but they are progressively becoming common for specific niche categories.

Bank transfers:

Even though it is no longer widely used, bank transfers are still considered an effective payment procedure for eCommerce. It is regarded as an "if all else fails" type of payment method. Several eCommerce stores are also interested in accepting payments through bank transfers.

Customers who have access to internet banking can use bank transfers to pay for their online purchases. Since transactions must be accepted and verified by customers, bank transfers are the most secure payment system.