Travis Stocking, the cannabis entrepreneur, introduces HERBPON, a mobile e-commerce app for cannabis products and services, and HERBY, a safe social media interaction platform for the cannabis community.

Fremont, CA: "Our customers get so excited because everything they can think of is on the site at prices dramatically lower than what you can find anywhere else. The deals are always stellar.” states James Marteniz, CTO and head of the technical development of Herbpon. Travis Stocking, a cannabis media entrepreneur, introduces HERBPON, soon to be known as "The Highway to the Cannaverse." HERBPON is a brand-new mobile app company centered on e-commerce that promotes cannabis products and services through coupons and exclusive offers. The Herbpon app includes a comprehensive marketplace for the cannabis lifestyle with coupon discounts. It also has its own social media platform, HERBY, which provides a safe, uncensored online community for subscribers to post and discuss cannabis-related content.

The Herbpon app is a one-of-a-kind, disruptive, discount-based cannabis marketplace and uncensored social media platform. The innovative platform connects cannabis consumers with manufacturers and sellers. Herbpon provides clients with discounts of up to 70 percent and introduces them to new cannabis-centric products and services. By connecting subscribers with local merchants, our application benefits cannabis companies, dispensaries, and delivery services by driving new sales and maximizing client retention. Herbpon also encourages cannabis consumers to purchase cheap products, similar to Groupon but with many more interactive and individualized features. Additionally, non-cannabis businesses might benefit from exposure to the lucrative and fast-developing cannabis sector. Herbpon also contains advertisements for non-cannabis-related industries, such as travel, restaurants, events, and education. The turnkey platform makes it simple for businesses to consistently and effectively interact in an unrestricted social media environment that often has content restrictions regarding cannabis-related topics.

"Herbpon customers can find deep discounts on products and services, including daily deals from local dispensaries, CBD products, high-quality glassware, rolling papers, grinders, doctors' recommendations, and travel deals around Cannabis Getaways." Comments Travis Stocking, the 30 year old founder of HERBPON and HERBY. "HERBY, our social media community, is a simple and fun platform that allows users to communicate freely and engage with friends in an uninhibited social community that embraces the cannabis lifestyle. Herby is a dedicated advocate for free speech, education, and truth for everything cannabis."