All-in-one is the future of CRM, and this technology will advance to be relied on and to serve as the core of business's sales, marketing and CRM efforts. However, not all CRMs are the same, and they aren't all ready for that future today.

FREMONT, CA: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is always evolving. In the past years, the vendors kept a close watch on the enterprise CRM technology, strategy, and periods where the conversation has mostly centered on how small and mid-sized retail businesses can utilize the tools to compete with larger corporations.

CRM suppliers have caught on and begin to position themselves as all-in-one solutions ready to handle all business's needs, both now and in the future. Most of the CRM providers will add a tool and feature and try to pass the technology off as all-inclusive. If the retailers are considering adopting an all-in-one CRM solution, there are a variety of features to make sure the product they are looking at has had covered to make sure the business benefit from all the opportunities that come with a truly inclusive platform.

The retail businesses owners must make sure that any all-in-one CRM evaluated is built on reliable, easy to use contact management technology. While most of the CRMs are looking to stretch into sales, marketing and other business functions. If the vendors are looking for a tool that doesn't appear to have well-built contact management, the dashboard that easily captures and displays all of the essential customer data understands that it may be a marketing or sales-based tool. Its adds a  layer of contact management functionality rather than using the core CRM technology as its basis.

Also, if the retailer is looking for a robust, CRM solution, be sure to evaluate the platform's predictive analytics technology. Understanding the most effective course of action throughout each touchpoint with a current or prospective customer is an essential component of effective CRM technology in today's business environment. When the customer makes progress through the sales funnel, CRM should be able to tell the management the best way to communicate with them to produce a sale ultimately.

No single CRM can have everything natively built into their solution. Therefore, any CRM must purport to be an all-in-one solution be able to deliver high-value platform integrations with third-party solutions to help deliver a truly comprehensive tool that provides the highest level of utility for the end-user.

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