The retail world is transforming quickly with the influence of AI. It paves the way for an emerging new era where the entire customer and their choice related questions are answered immediately.

FREMONT, CA: The retail industry has to evolve quickly to keep up with the rise of the eCommerce platform. It early hasn't been the smoothest transition. Foot traffic in malls has halted, and department stores have closed up. With a ton of potential, AI is on its way to completely transform the retail industry.

Instant Communication

Conversational AI or chatbots can be utilized to answer most of the questions through an app or in-store kiosk, serving as an extension of the retail experience, creating a stronger bond with the customers. Not only could they, even the staff, also benefit by using that same app to help fulfill the customer requests. For instance, if an employee isn't available or if the customer hasn't installed the app, retailers can use in-store kiosks to offer then with an easy and convenient way to deliver an outstanding service.

Unmatched Memory

AI, combined with machine learning, can figure out how to solve a variety of problems. It marvels with an outstanding memory that can recover any customer selections and preferences, keep track of retail visits, and make predictions purchases. Customer questions are stored to provide better, more accurate answers down the line. While the sales staff can't offer the same benefits, they can utilize AI-equipped mobile devices to answer all the customer-related questions.

Grab and Go

The retailers can tell which items customers aim to purchase, utilizing a mixture of computer vision, deep learning algorithms, and sensor fusion. The transaction isn't complete until they walk out the door, leaving them an optimal time to swap the items as necessary. Without the function of AI technologies, a store like this wouldn't be possible, and the customers would have to continue lining up at the counter.

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