“Excite the mind, and the hand will reach for the pocket.”

Harry Gordon Selfridge was undoubtedly a man ahead of his time. As one of the forefathers of modern retail, the retail magnate’s pioneering of department store is still more relevant today than ever. However, in an era where retail is all about faster and further digitalisation and turning business profiles on Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat into storefronts, the hard fact is that standard retail stores are dying. Bricks-and-mortar shops—from showrooms to experiential pop-ups—have undergone a dramatic change in response to the growing appetite for online shopping. But is that enough? This dynamic backdrop brings us to the question: how can retailers continue to excite the mind?”

“By bringing in the new dimension of retail experience,” answers Klaus-Dieter Feld, an expert with more than 25 years of experience in advising medium-sized companies and large corporations. Feld observes that retail focus will shift soon to revolve around experiential spaces and real experiences, connecting with the digital brand world. He believes that ever-increasing networking will make it essential for retailers and brands to generate first touchpoints with customers. In essence, experiential spaces and places as the starting points for digital interactions will gain traction for creating content and relevance. “Product presentations develop into performances and experience spaces are the starting point for individual stories. Tomorrow, it will be possible to create a link between the brand and the individual and send this story into the world via digital media. Eventually, brands will merge with individuals and create a brand community like never seen before!” Feld adds.

He mentions that this connection enables a real experience in contrast to the present-day, increasingly digitally-driven world, resulting in a refreshingly different and more desirable brand. However, when push comes to shove, achieving this connection is no easy feat.

This industry narrative is what MAGNWALL intends to change. Born with the singular focus to “express and impress,” MAGNWALL technology and equipment enables retailers and brands to generate an individual connection with the community through a rapidly changing experiential space in an environmental-friendly and sustainable way. A German retail-tech company, MAGNWALL specialises in manufacturing 100 per cent electrified surfaces and magnetic accessories for totally flexible, gridless and wireless product presentation and interior design in retail, galleries, exhibitions, home and office areas. The fact that MAGNWALL’s technology offers electrification without cables and is grid-free makes it unique in the industry. Today, MAGNWALL has emerged as one of the most flexible, innovative, user-friendly and sustainable retail systems, powered by its patented technology. “We achieved this through our very high innovative power and visual thinking. The motivation to develop MAGNWALL in 2017 came from the need to reduce large amounts of waste in visual merchandising and to promote sustainability. Being aware of the constantly increasing price pressure through online and offline sales channels, we wanted to develop a system that can be used flexibly without any craftsmen in order to make retail presentation efficient and successful,” reveals Feld, founder of MAGNWALL.

By making retail venues and displays intelligent, digital and flexible, we improve the customer experience, boost sales and branding and reduce costs for retailers

At the core, MAGNWALL offers physical products such as mounted and freestanding installations and shelves, mobile lights, wireless screens, mannequins, and a variety of different fixtures. The German startup’s contact electrification technology guarantees cable and grid-free placement of electronic devices on the MAGNWALL. in fact, MAGNWALL has the highest, scalable magnetic holding force on the market. The innovative magnetic and wireless hardware products enable flexible interior design and visual merchandising, customised shopfitting materials and smart software integration in the form of an app. The MAGNWALL app allows users to control lighting, audio, video, interactions, or digital signage from wherever on one user interface. Besides, users can also use the app to manage devices, track customer behaviour and increase engagement by evaluating the customer experience through analytical tools.

Flexibility is the ultimate winning differentiator of MAGNWALL. The company takes immense pride in guaranteeing absolute flexibility in retail presentation. “Whether in-store, on pop-up-spaces or trade fairs and exhibitions, the modular design gives clients endless possibilities to create and change their spaces at will. In this way, our clients can react to ever-changing expectations and shopping behaviour in an increasingly connected world,” informs Feld. Apart from its powerful patented technology and integration of software and analytics, MAGNWALL also marks its uniqueness in this space by providing clients with reusable retail design products and installation without trained personnel. “By making retail venues and displays intelligent, digital and flexible, we improve the customer experience, boost sales and branding and reduce costs for retailers. At the same time, we protect the environment with our products because less waste is generated during campaigns and our products can be reused,” he adds.

With such innovation and a strong value proposition in place, it stands to reason that brands like Steiff, Breuninger, Mode am Markt, Horst Wanschura, RAEN, and more rely on MAGNWALL to make product presentation and space furnishing more flexible, creative and agile. To illustrate the value that MAGNEWWALL brings to the table, Feld cites a customer example as business case for a success story. A premium perfumery in Stuttgart, UNIQUE sought to develop their window concept to enlarge their shopper target group and convince more visitors anytime to go inside their shop or internet site. However, it was easier said than done. In the history the shop windows were more statique and the brands were presented by posters in combination with their products where the decoration land in the trash afterwards.

MAGNWALL offers now UNIQUE a flexible, innovative, sustainable, digital orientated window retail system to present their brands and topics in an inspiring and fast way.

Beauty brands are excited about the possibility of presenting themselves and open for rentingthe shop windows. MAGNWALL lifted UNIQUE out of the doldrums and helped establish it as the preferred and future beauty shopping destination. In collaboration with MAGNWALL, UNIQUE established a brand-compliant and target group-oriented communication and will develop together more Magnwall concepts Instore.

The MAGNWALL team helped the client create a flexible, quickly changeable and sustainable retail concept with digital touchpoints. UNIQUE and the represented beauty brands can now rely on their new MAGNWALL system’s flexibility and design campaigns according to their needs. Thanks to the built-in magnets, accessories can now be changed in the blink of an eye.

With its system patented in Germany and further patents pending in Europe and the U.S., MAGNWALL holds a sweet spot as retailers gear up to bring in a new retail experience dimension.