Gonzalo Martín Ortega, CEO, JogoTechGonzalo Martín Ortega, CEO
Over the past few years, the world has witnessed the rise of online shopping—the primary reason behind the decline of high-street stores. Due to the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, store outlets have considerably lower foot traffic. Consumers were stuck at home and found comfort in shopping online while staying safe. However, to keep brick-and-mortar stores alive, there was a need for an innovative solution that could combine all the benefits of physical stores with the ease offered by e-commerce. Providing an answer to the situation is JogoTech, a software platform provider pioneering the concept of E-Xtended retail. Elucidating the company’s vision, Gonzalo Martín Ortega, CEO of JogoTech, says, “We realised that vital efforts to digitalise the retail industry were focused on e-commerce, even when the majority of sales happened physically. We saw the opportunity to innovate physical stores and developed the concept of Phygital stores, a combination of Physical stores and Digital platforms.”

Founded in 2014, JogoTech has developed an innovative fitting room technology based on digital mirrors that enabled customers to browse through the store’s catalogue and request items in the fitting rooms. The technology drew massive attention, and JogoTech moved forward through the years to eventually develop the concept of phygital stores. The company today offers a comprehensive platform that combines several marketing channels and digitalises all the operations of a physical store. JogoTech enables retailers to convert their showrooms into efficient warehouses and enables their real-time management. The platform easily integrates with retailers’ systems and allows the retailers to provide shoppers with a 100% digital in-store experience that is seamless and immersive.

Customers can check the products offered by the retailer on touch screens installed in the store, search for the product they desire, and check its availability. Users only have to scan a QR code to access a virtual basket where they can add items they want to purchase—a method prevalent on e-commerce websites. They can retrieve the basket anytime on any device and continue shopping even days later. Traditionally, sales representatives were critical to a retailer’s success. In phygital stores, they take up the role of personal shopping assistants and leverage Artificial Intelligence to offer personalised suggestions to the customers and increase customer satisfaction and sales. Shoppers get customised prices and discounts and the freedom to pay via mobile applications, eliminating the need to wait in queues at the billing counters. Customer behaviour is traced, and the information is analysed to make personalised recommendations. The store inventory is always available to the shoppers and can be managed via real-time KPIs. Additionally, to empower customers to receive the best experience in whatever store they go to, JogoTech partners with top players of several industries to create an innovative ecosystem.

We saw the opportunity to innovate physical stores and developed the concept of Phygital stores, a combination of Physical stores and Digital platforms

The ecosystem enables top-performing companies of different verticals to join the phygital store, such as cloud vendors, e-commerce platforms, manufacturers, 3rd party developers, digital business and many more. JogoTech offers pre-integration with Shopify, Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, VTEX, and several other platforms. It can also integrate with devices such as kiosk/touchscreen, digital mirror, tablet/iPod, smartwatch, and RFID Handhelds.

To redefine physical stores, JogoTech has worked for several years to develop the platform in a customer-centric manner and has helped several clients boost their sales. One such client is Fashionalia—a multi-brand marketplace that carries over 150 premier fashion brands. Fashionalia was looking for a solution that could increase the turnover of its first physical store. JogoTech empowered Fashionalia to increase customer engagement and sales, improve brand image and recognition, and decreased returns. JogoTech received several such requests from clients looking to expand their business and stay afloat during the Covid-19 pandemic.

With the pandemic spurring the rise of online shopping, retailers need to adopt phygital stores to attract more customers since physical outlets are far less efficient, and are not adequately engaging either. JogoTech is helping physical retail stores get back in business. The vision of JogoTech remains steady in serving its clients to improve customer experience. As Martín concludes, “We are making global digital strategies that include the new digital channel, the phygital store, where the store has an overview of its customers’ interactions, whether they use an online market or an outlet.” JogoTech empowers its clients to redefine the ‘physical’ and capitalise on the ‘digital’ by offering real-time flexible online operations, setting them apart from all of their competitors.