Sanne Bolkenstein, CCO, HypernodeSanne Bolkenstein, CCO
The strict lockdown due to coronavirus has greatly benefitted eCommerce, as consumers begin to purchase more products online and make fewer trips to the store. In this transition to online avenues, cloud hosting technologies have served as catalysts for faster eCommerce and higher uptime. However, many businesses have failed to choose the right eCommerce hosting provider and ceased operations due to the lack of scalability, flexibility, and security prerequisites. Addressing the need of the hour, Hypernode has brought together all of the above essentials under one roof—a singular eCommerce hosting platform—to suffice varied cloud requirements for its clients.

Hypernode provides an advanced cloud hosting platform for e-commerce regimes such as Magento, Shopware, and Akeneo with endless server-side optimisations, offering high-end security and performance capabilities. “We provide a very flexible and scalable platform that can respond to the customer’s need for flexibility in the utilisation of resources. We use SSD hardware to ensure maximum speed and our advanced software stack improves loading time as well. By investigating the market needs, we can add utilitarian features like resource notification, 24/7 server insights, and much more on our standardised platform,” asserts Sanne Bolkenstein, CCO of Hypernode.

The company’s products and services prove to be highly beneficial for businesses affected by the pandemic, resulting in an uneven distribution of online visitors. For instance, the brick and mortar-based food and beverages industry, alongside location-specific businesses involving wedding or event-based industries have recorded a significant drop in revenue. On the contrary, health and fitness businesses observed a massive inflow of visitors online. While it’s not possible to solve the logistics behind this uneven distribution, Hypernode is armed with the capabilities required to mitigate any issues concerning the cloud hosting in real-time. Keeping in mind the online surge in traffic, the company presents its clients a wide array of storage choices, in addition to providing them with the necessary computational scalability to accommodate visitors in real-time.

Case in point, clients are alerted if an upgrade in computational horsepower is required or recommended to keep the online store up and running. Likewise, the company is responsible for the creation of the security tool,

We provide a very flexible and scalable platform that can respond to the customer’s need for flexibility in the utilisation of resources

Hypernode’s highly optimised platform empowers clients to access all the available services through a control panel that creates SSH users and keys, provides an instant backup or restores the latest backup as required, and efficiently manages PHP versions and settings. Simultaneously, clients have the flexibility to upgrade to a bigger plan, cancel an existing plan or order something new, while also appending developers to their teams on demand. Apart from this, clients are provided with detailed insights to understand how the resources are used and what measures can be taken to improve the usage of those resources further. For example, although there are bots essential to workflows, unwanted bots that use the resources of the hosting plan are bothersome. These detailed insights pertaining to the requirements and utilisation of resources paints a clear picture to the clients, visualising business-critical data sets in real-time.

Highlighting the unique value proposition of Hypernode’s platform, Sanne mentions the success story of a client selling designer shoes. The client approached Hypernode on Black Friday, an essential day for e-commerce clients with a quintessential problem at hand. Having been associated with yet another e-commerce cloud hosting platform prior to this collaboration, the client had experienced significant inconsistencies with the influx of orders. Upon engagement and the implementation of its eCommerce hosting platform, Hypernode resolved a number of issues on the website and successfully made it live and available for the sale on the same day. The client was delighted with the outcome as they experienced a great Black Friday sale despite the migration.

Such collaborative instances testify Hypernode’s capabilities in providing flexible cloud hosting solutions, effectively demonstrating the expertise of the female-led company – a rarity within the IT industry. With 50 percent of the staff comprising women, the company offers the precise concoction of experience, expertise and business-critical toolsets for cloud hosting.