Owen McCormack, Founder and CEO, Hoxton AnalyticsOwen McCormack, Founder and CEO
The hospitality, retail and residential building industries have been massively hit by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As regulations come into play in limiting guests at on-premise locations, visitor operations teams are faced with the uphill task of overseeing the number of people entering and exiting their buildings at all times. The challenge is to find the right front to maintain visitor experience and safety while maximizing the usage of space. With failure to adhere to the norms leading to serious repercussions from public authoritarian bodies and in extreme cases even the closure of a facility, hospitality services and visitor attraction sites are struggling to stay afloat without a proper flow of income. To steady their ground, these companies are seeking technology partners to address their problems in effectively monitoring visitors and ensuring that the capacity threshold of a building is not exceeded.

Enter, Hoxton Analytics, a people count and occupancy solutions provider that offers clients an easy-install hardware and software to monitor visitors and plan their operations accordingly. A simple sensor-based device connected to the occupancy data management solution, Hoxton Analytics platform, allows a business to observe a visitor movement through a building, from entry to exit. Small in size, Hoxton AI People Count can be placed anywhere on a premise allowing for the monitoring of the busiest places and ensure that people are maintaining the recommended social distancing and are not putting other guests at risk. From a profitability perspective, users can identify opportunities to improve occupancy and also realize the manner by which to deploy staff in ensuring visitor safety.

Exploring Data Benefits

As lockdown laws are slowly relaxed, occupancy data will be critical in business profitability by playing a dominant role in the way a company operates in the new normal. And to serve this very purpose, Hoxton Analytics also offers its AI Occupancy Monitor, an attractive and user-friendly dashboard that allows building owners and businesses collect data from multiple AI People Count Sensors and gather deeper insights for better space management.

Hoxton Analytics solutions are powered by powerful data collection algorithms making it simple for users to audit and verify accurate information and eliminate any redundant data.

Making the data come alive, Hoxton Analytics allows users to view live statistics of a specific or busy area directly from their laptops, tablets or phone. Clients can access the saved data at later stages to make decisions on how to utilize their spaces and sub-zones most efficiently and with no risk to consumer or business. In case an area is over-crowded, users are notified so that they may address the problem immediately and effectively.

Quick Onboarding

Installing a sensor device is easy with AI People Count. The solution is designed to be self-containing and less time consuming to setup. Anyone can set up the solution in a matter of minutes. With multiple mounting bracket options and instructions for doorways, users only need to fit the device and plug it into a power source. Once the AI People Count sensor is up and running, a user can connect to Wi-Fi or Ethernet to access Hoxton Control Room to view data and ensue better facility occupancy management. With the cloud-based functionality, it allows the user to log into the portal that allows straightforward management of visitor activity from any device and from anywhere.

The Control Room allows users to register their sensors to a registered account and monitor the status of the device right from the palm of their hands. Users can also define access and administrator controls for data access to prevent intricate information from falling into the wrong hands. As buildings come with many rooms, and some are busier than others, companies can set up multiple sensors and centrally access them through a single channel. Hoxton Analytics solutions are powered by powerful data collection algorithms making it simple for users to audit and verify accurate information and eliminate any redundant data.

In allowing users to take full advantage of the data, Hoxton Analytics provides a downloadable Comma- Separated Values (CSV) file that can be imported into a spreadsheet of choice. The data recorded shows the visitor count by entrance and stores three years of past data for clients to evaluate their business and make definitive changes. By highlighting the importance of the combined power of occupancy data and datapoints such as day, time and movement of individuals in a space, Hoxton Analytics aids its clients to view a clear picture of the way visitors behave within a space and cater their services accordingly. With the ability to identify their crucial business aspects, clients can reevaluate their operating conditions and ensure that staff as well as guests are adhering to the norms and not gathered in large numbers in closed spaces.

Visitor Safety and More

To offer potential clients an opportunity to gauge the platform and gain first-hand experience in its operations, Hoxton Analytics provides a 30-day trial. The package includes up to two sensors and comes with no obligation on a user to purchase the product if found unsatisfactory.
  • Hoxton Analytics aids its clients to view a clear picture of the way visitors behave within a space and cater their services accordingly.

As privacy is a critical issue in data accumulation, Hoxton Analytics’ solutions are GDPR compliant. The company assures that no personal data is collected, and every image is anonymized at source and erased on an individual being accounted for during entry and exit from a premise. Besides, the minimal configuration, Hoxton AI solutions are cost-effective, and clients can choose from a range of flexible contracts based on their requirements.

With the release of multiple vaccinations against COVID-19, hospitality businesses are hopeful of a possibility to win the battle against the pandemic and resume normal operations. And Hoxton Analytics wishes to lead the front and assist their customers in improving the top line.

Having developed a simple, reliable and accurate platform, Hoxton Analytics offers its clients enterprise-level data that allows its clients to redefine their businesses to be in accordance with the new normal. Without limiting itself to capacity management and operational efficiency, Hoxton Analytics continues to invest in research and development to further formulate the various applications of behavioral insights occupancy and directional data.