John Snyder, Owner and President, HBPJohn Snyder, Owner and President
In 2022, brands, companies, and businesses across all markets communicate with their clientele via the wonder that is the internet. The outreach, although simple and relatively common, lacks a personal touch that only physical correspondence can deliver. As a result, organizations are looking into printed media as a tangible format they can rely on to retain and grow their customer base.

HBP is a leading provider of technology, service, and manufacturing resources for customers to deliver information and manage their messaging via physical formats. The company offers an array of top-notch communications resources, providing customers with the freedom to create customized solutions based on their needs. To that end, HBP delivers a wide range of products and services—Ellipse Design creative services, UV and digital print and finishing, direct mail, fulfillment, warehousing and distribution, signage and displays, and promotional products.

“Customer service is at the heart of what we do; it’s our most important resource and greatest asset,” says John Snyder, owner and president, HBP.

Given the extraordinary range of solutions that HBP offers, it has kept up with the times—exceeding it even—to change how clients can avail its services. Think of it as a way of combining the best of both worlds; HBP’s high-end design and print offerings delivered via a flexible and customizable online platform. Its advanced eCommerce solutions can deliver solutions with in-depth support, strong customer service, and inclusive experience that meet the needs of today’s digital-first world.

“The focus on customer experience is a big differentiator for us, as it helps build long-term partnerships while driving our ongoing commitment to innovation and implementation of technology solutions to stay ahead of their changing needs,” states Snyder.

HBP’s eCommerce solutions, dubbed PortalPro and Campaign Manager, help deliver the best it offers with the ease and trackability of leading eCommerce solutions. PortalPro offers an eCommerce digital storefront ordering system that helps send or receive documentation, providing a reliable mechanism for the placement of print and promotional product orders and the fulfillment of pre-printed or stored items and digital (print-on-demand) items. It’s a customizable, secure online tool that offers a user-friendly, centralized portal for clients’ staff and customers to order products. PortalPro also allows customers to manage pick and pack, complex kitting, check stocked products, control inventory levels, fill customer orders, re-supply satellite offices, and produce management reports through their browsers.

Campaign Manager, on the other hand, is a software solution that supports retail customers’ needs for store display or signage and manages visual signage, fixtures, ops materials, and the overall project. It helps customers manage their store profile for existing, new, and remodeled stores and store attributes for signage needs. It can even be used to create and manage the production and distribution of retail signage, including kitting, custom packing and installation instructions for all store managers. In conjunction with PortalPro, store replenishment from inventory provides retailers with total support for all visual graphics and materials needed to support their promotional campaigns.

All of HBP’s products and services are plug-and-play and seamlessly interact with each other. Dedicated to maintaining long-term relationships with clients, the company ensures that its offerings are flexible and customizable, simplifying the buying decision and allowing them to focus on their core business. To do this, team HBP conducts structured assessments to define their objectives and identifying the best ways to integrate with their existing systems and implement customized solutions ideal for them.
  • Customer service is always at the heart of what we do; we consider it as our most important resource and the greatest asset

HBP’s value proposition is best displayed in its collaboration with a large retailer struggling with the delivery of their visual displays/ signage for in-store promotions. This was primarily due to production delays, incorrect store data, cost overruns, and budgeting bottlenecks. HBP deployed its Campaign Manager to manage the budgeting, production, distribution, and replenishment of their signage. It collected store attributes—the type of signage, number, size, type of fixtures, and store footprint data—in the master database, which helped determine the number and type of signs each store received. Its pricing engine, loaded with contract pricing, automatically generated a budget price and distribution list while the software generated a pack list for each store with descriptions and thumbnail photos of each sign as a guide for store managers.

Post-collaboration, the client was able to understand costs for complex, multi-component production, and distribution needs, even before the production. Materials were produced accurately based on each store profile, with easy installation via store managers’ packaged instructions. The client reduced waste and production costs of inaccurate signage, providing cost savings and reduced staff time to manage their campaigns.

These success stories are also a learning process for HBP, as it relies on clients to share their feedback and insight relating to evolving future needs. The company conducts regular check-ins with customers to address these evolving needs, gain feedback, and request input on its process improvement efforts. Much of its equipment acquisition, staffing additions, and other decisions are based on understanding market trends and input from loyal customers. This ensures that they remain a nimble, growing, forward-thinking company in the future.