Sean Bannon, Business Development Manager, EnvyPakSean Bannon, Business Development Manager
Launched in 2003, under the Univenture umbrella, EnvyPak was conceived to fulfill the growing need in the marketplace for providing better packaging technology using clear plastic pages, pockets, and envelopes. From its humble beginnings in the disc packaging arena, the company went on to get its first patent issued in 1988. It soon expanded and started developing automatic disc packaging equipment that would automate the packaging of discs into clear plastic sleeves. Gradually, Univenture climbed the ladder of success and reached the top of the Inc. 500 list. “We are a US-based manufacturer that delivers off-the-shelf and custom solutions at a fast pace. We call our team the specialty packaging heroes because they can help premium brands take the pain out of the clear packaging design and manufacturing process,” states Sean Bannon, the Business Development Manager, EnvyPak.

EnvyPak currently caters to several industries, including retail (nonfood), medical marketing agencies, cannabis, automotive, education, religious, nonprofits, industrial, and direct mail service providers. It offers USPS-approved clear, interactive envelopes in all its direct marketing efforts. The company’s packaging solutions are lightweight, durable, and eco-friendly. Many products are made from a clear polypropylene material that provides a premium look and feel, superior protection, and high visibility in a retail setting while reducing the shipping weight and costs. This 100 percent recyclable and/or biodegradable polypropylene is an economical and minimally harmful alternative to its existing PVC-based packaging counterparts.
One of EnvyPak’s core offerings is its direct mail envelopes— the only non-paper envelope approved by the postal service. It is a high-end product that ensures visibility of the content through the envelope, allowing targeted contents to show through the envelope. This helps marketers get better ROI by increasing open rates. EnvyPak offers a custom print, which can interact with the contents. Additionally, EnvyPak envelopes can be automated from a fulfillment perspective for cost savings and speed to market. Another core strength of the company is its nonfood retail packaging. The biodegradable polypropylene material provides a polished and premium look that is entirely flat with multiple layers inside. If a client needs to package two items within one package, EnvyPak can leverage its unique dark welding capabilities to weld down the center of the package perpendicular to the opening. EnvyPak ensures the durability and safety of the product while supporting a premium look and feel. High-quality custom print can inform and interact with the contents for a premium, eye-catching look and feel. EnvyPak constantly strives to be a trustworthy resource to clients. In doing so, the company focuses greatly on taking a deep dive into understanding their challenges to
  • We are a US-based manufacturer that delivers off-the-shelf and custom solutions at a fast pace

ascertain whether they need packaging that can be automated in fulfillment or packaging that can be hand-stuffed. It then works with their fulfillment house, lettershop, and all stakeholders involved in the packaging process to properly automate their equipment. EnvyPak also performs predesigning and prototyping by hand-making mockups, making adjustments to those based on clients’ fulfillment needs and feedback, all at no additional charge. More importantly, the company ensures short lead times since it doesn’t suffer from supply chain issues. The company will continue to carry forward this approach to identify and develop materials that are more eco-friendly while continuously innovating its manufacturing processes. “We will continue to research and test new ecofriendly materials and enhance production efficiencies through equipment modification and material development. Our goal is to establish and maintain long-term relationships with suppliers as well as our clients,” concludes Bannon.