Gina Galligan, Director, AutofulfilGina Galligan, Director
Today’s eCommerce businesses demand smooth inventory management and adequate storage, among other logistics services, making a reliable and efficient order fulfillment provider a valuable asset for any organization. Traditional fulfillment methods have taken a back seat over the last few years, and the global pandemic has amplified the importance of all the order fulfillment processes that span from receiving a new order to delivering that order into the customer’s hands. This is where an Irish eCommerce order fulfillment solution – Autofulfil, grabs the spotlight. Since 2013, Autofulfil has provided easy-to-use order fulfillment services that span receiving stock from suppliers to quickly and efficiently dispatching customer orders. The firm was created with one objective – to simplify direct-to-consumer order fulfillment. “At Autofulfil, we deliver an optimised solution comprising of the right people, processes, and technology required to deliver successful e-commerce order fulfillTOP 10 EMERGING ORDER FULFILLMENT COMPANIES IN EUROPE - 2022 ment under one roof. We offer several APIs to seamlessly integrate with new eCommerce stores. Our clients can then leverage this solution to become more agile, competitive and achieve better business outcomes,” states Gina Galligan, Director at Autofulfil.

The company’s services are a costeffective, outsourced fulfillment solution for eCommerce brands. The company manages every aspect of order fulfillment, such as 3PL stock control, order fulfillment, eCommerce pick and pack, kitting, order processing, gift hamper creation, shipping, and handson bespoke services for a special customer unboxing experience.

The order fulfillment solution provider thoroughly addresses all aspects of its customer requirements and prides itself in serving its clients with both automated and custom solutions. The enterprise understands its clients’ unique eCommerce scaling needs since it has developed and run highgrowth eCommerce websites. Autofulfil has overcome the challenges of scaling an eCommerce business and always goes the extra mile in streamlining the fulfillment journey for its clients based on this experience.

At its core, the Autofulfil team believes in ‘doing it the right way’ from the first step– the initial onboarding of its clients leading to the next step of the process – order receiving. Autofulfil has a 30, 60, and 90-day methodology wherein a dedicated onboarding team works with new clients to iron out any challenges that could hinder high performance order fulfillment later in the process.

Furthermore, Autofulfil’s cloudbased warehouse management software (WMS) imports its client’s orders directly from their third-party eCommerce platforms such as Shopify or WooCommerce. This seamless, automated order fulfillment occurs as soon as Autofulfil receives an order placed by the customer online, ensuring accuracy and speed.

With a mission to help eCommerce brands with 3PL stock control, order fulfillment, and pick and pack, Autofulfil’s close-knit workforce guarantees a smooth road for clients and enables them to focus more on their brand, product development, sales, organisational growth, and business scaling. Autofulfil’s primary goal is to help eCommerce entrepreneurs grow, scale, and optimise operations for success.

Autofulfil is at the forefront of assisting companies across various industries such as beauty, fashion, education, electronics, and many more. In one instance, schoolbooks. ie–Ireland’s leading, largest, and favorite school book store–approached Autofulfil after an unsatisfactory experience with a 3PL provider. offers parents and students a one-stop online source for millions of textbooks and educational supplies each year for primary and secondary schools. After collaborating with Autofulfil over recent years, experienced an increase in their order volume by over 500 percent due, in part, to the reliable fulfillment services provided by Autofulfil, which make for a great customer experience with fast, accurate order delivery and most importantly enables significant operational scale within a tight selling timeframe.
  • Our mission is to handle everything from the moment an online order is received through to delivery (and returns), enabling our clients to focus on where they excel, creating incredible products for their customers, telling their story and growing their brands

Further, Autofulfil assists to manage their marketing during the peak season. This is one of the many success stories scripted by Autofulfil, where they have built a holistic relationship and delivered the quality of eCommerce growth services that their clients deserve.

The pandemic upended the eCommerce industry, especially for brickand-mortar retailers, increasing customer expectations for online ordering and convenient delivery. As a result, Autofulfil stands out by providing a 99.8% order accuracy rate, same-day order fulfillment, fast delivery speeds, a dedicated client success team, and flexibility to meet the unique needs of each client.