Brad Nelson, Marketing Manager, Andy Heins, Vice President, All Packaging CompanyBrad Nelson, Marketing Manager, Andy Heins, Vice President
The importance of packaging is manifested in a number of ways, including communication of a brand’s story to the consumer, elevating a product’s perceived value to its prospective buyers, and protection of the product from initial package fulfillment to distribution, sale, and consumption. While packaging types vary from plastics to paper to glass to metals, consumers are becoming more knowledgeable regarding environmental concerns of some packaging materials. This is driving brands and product manufacturers to source from packaging manufacturers that can provide truly sustainable and recyclable packaging options.

Enter All Packaging Company!

Founded in 1946, All Packaging Company had been a family-owned business for 42 years before being acquired by Mill Rock Capital and Mill Rock Packaging Partners. Even before this acquisition, the company was known for its continual investment in technologies, equipment, and workforce. "We are proud to be recognized annually by our peers and industry trade organizations as a company known for its creativity, innovation and commitment to quality, winning numerous national awards for excellence in structural design and advanced graphics capabilities”. The acquisition by Mill Rock has enabled additional and larger investments in resources that further accentuate our capabilities, " says Andy Heins, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, All Packaging Company.

All Packaging Company and Trojan Lithograph Corporation, also part of the Mill Rock Packaging Partners portfolio, are premier paperboard folding carton and single-face laminate packaging companies with manufacturing sites in Denver, Colorado, Salt Lake City, Utah and Renton, Washington. The companies leverage advanced technologies in package design, manufacturing, customer engagement, and all aspects of the supply chain including materials procurement, inventory management and production scheduling.“Technology enables us to provide unparalleled customer service with a focus on helping our customers elevate their brands and by helping them activate efficient and effective packaging fulfillment operations,” says Brad Nelson, Marketing Manager. Mr. Nelson adds, “communication, and truly understanding our customer’s objectives, limitations and opportunities, helps us partner in ways that drive real value, efficiency and speed to market.”

The company’s high-speed printing presses are capable of running at speeds up to 20,000 sheets per hour and utilizes an automated camera scanning technology to read and compare colors on every sheet against a pre-defined master image, making color adjustments automatically and in real-time for color and quality control. Its high-speed folding and gluing equipment also have an advanced quality detection system capable of catching and automatically ejecting cartons that may have incorrect print copy or other defects, all while the machines finish as many as 100,000 cartons per hour. All Packaging Company has unique digital laser cutting and creasing equipment, the IntriCutTM, that enables brands wanting a unique ultra-premium look and feel with fine, intricate designs that traditional die cutter equipment cannot accommodate. The IntriCutTM is also used extensively to package medical devices and other products requiring packaging for sterile environments. This type of application enables companies to significantly reduce their use of single-use plastics in favor of paperboard packaging and inserts, as laser cutting eliminates the “angel hair” and other paperboard particulates that can occur from traditional die/blade-cut paperboard. Using this type of technology can result in an overall packaging cost reduction between 40 to 50%.
On the sustainability front, All Packaging Company has multiple patents on their EcoProTM child-resistent packaging, unique in that this 100% paperboard solution is 100% recyclable and compostable."Several of the largest cannabis brands in the USA use EcoPro, not just because it is certified (CFR title 16 part 1700), but because they can apply beautiful graphics and embellishments to a paperboard product that is entirely environmentally friendly – and not have to settle for or use common plastic packaging," adds Heins.

All Packaging Company also integrates a number of industry-specific software platforms, including Esko’s CAD and WebCenter project management technologies and EFI’s Enterprise-wide Resource Planning system (ERP) that links every piece of manufacturing equipment to All Packaging Company’s procurement, order scheduling, quoting and invoicing systems. Salesforce CRM is integrated with these systems, too, providing better and faster communications internally and with their customers, externally.

To deliver a best-in-class customer experience, the All Packaging Company team begins every engagement by developing an understanding of the customer's brand positioning and even the most discrete details of the product to be packaged; how it will be handled and stored, the work flows and equipment used in fulfillment, where the product will be sold, and how it will be used by the end-consumer. This approach is key to All Packaging Company’s commitment to providing exceptional packaging solutions that drive efficiency and, most importantly, help their customers “win at the shelf” and enhance their consumer’s “unboxing” experience.

All Packaging Company also makes the customer experience in the pre-production and proofing stages quite easy. By using automated pre-flight of artwork and 3D virtual proofing technology, customers get to inspect the artwork and structure almost immediately after uploading the files to All Packaging Company’s portal. What makes All Packaging Company shine bright amongst its competitors is its expertise and experience in the industry. The company’s commitment to continuous improvement is core to their operational and financial discipline, and it drives an innovative “easy-to-do-business-with” approach to partnering with customers.

During the pandemic, All Packaging Company was successful navigating industry-wide supply chain challenges by leveraging their home-grown proprietary inventory management system. All Packaging Company’s Automated Inventory Management (AIMTM) system helps them manage inventory for customers based on demand forecasts (provided by the customer) and All Packaging Company’s database housing historical consumption data by item. In addition to lowering inventory carrying costs for the customer by facilitating a JIT (just-in-time) supply chain, the software also creates cost savings for All Packaging Company through the optimization of materials procurement and production scheduling.
  • Our primary function is to produce beautiful, functional packaging that helps our customers build market share and improve the consumer experience, and to do so in ways that support agility, speed to market and a low cost to serve model

To elaborate more on their expertise in this complex area of supply chain management, All Packaging Company highlights a case study from its partnership with one of the largest pet toy producers in the country, for whom All Packaging Company produces approximately 17 million cartons across more than 250 SKUs. The AIMTM software platform runs an algorithm that takes account of demand forecast and history, as well as inventory on-hand, in-transit, and in the production process, resulting in outputs that help ensure production quantities and timing match the customer’s needs. Through the use of this innovative system, All Packaging Company helped the customer achieve double-digit percentage cost savings.

Technology has clearly been a key part of All Packaging Company’s success and is foundational to their commitment to producing quality packaging for their customers at the very best value. Heins concludes, “The company has exciting plans for growth and expansion as part of the Mill Rock Packaging Partners platform, and we are making the right investments in people, equipment and technology to ensure we maintain the highest standard of excellence and exacting a meaningful point of difference in the market.”