Mor Marks, Co-Founder and CEO, AdaptMor Marks, Co-Founder and CEO
L oyal customers are the linchpin of today’s retail business. In the age of hyper-adoption and hyper-abandonment, the success of a retail business hinges on the level of customer experience. To truly orchestrate superior customer experiences, retailers must gather customer insights from various sources and intelligently analyze them to ensure rich engagements with customers. However, the challenge for retailers lies not in collecting the data but rather in effectively leveraging and integrating the information collected to make better decisions, drive growth, and boost efficiency. This is where artificial intelligence comes in. The AI technology gives retailers the ability to implement an agile, data-driven operation that takes all aspects into account, and enables businesses to tailor their merchandising and marketing operations to consumer needs and eventually deliver customer experiences that convert more of their traffic into revenues.

Tapping into the enormous potential of AI, Adapt, a NY-based firm has developed a visual, unified, AI-powered consumer intelligence platform to provide retailers with the most complete view and most practical insights of consumer’s needs and the market landscape for every retailer worldwide. Adapt redefines the speed and accuracy retailers react to ever-changing consumer needs, identify new growth opportunities, and significantly generate more revenue. Adapt’s platform scans over 75 million events per day across multiple digital sources and uses advanced visual and deep learning AI algorithms to analyze the collected data, uncover new and unmet consumer needs, and provide retailers with full control and complete visibility into every digital point of sales, such as pricing, promotions, the share of shelf, and more. “All a retailer has to do is type in the name of the product, be it the brand name or category, and the Adapt platform, in real-time, provides the names of all the places selling the product, and data on competitor moves, customer intent signals, and more,” says Mor Marks, co-founder and CEO of Adapt.
What makes the platform one of a kind is the fact that it automatically supports exact product-to-product matching for all types of products without the need for any identifiers, is completely 100 percent hands-free, even in hard to compare sectors like fashion, furniture, and toys. Moreover, it is enterprise-friendly and can be seamlessly installed in five minutes or less. Businesses do not have to bother with complex integrations or spend crucial internal IT resources.

“So, if you are a retailer wanting to know your customers’ needs better and build trust with them, or if you are a business looking for an edge over the competition and new ways to grow your business, Adapt is your ‘go-to’ platform,” adds Marks. To further highlight the efficacy of the Adapt platform, Marks cites the client success story of the Illinois-based medical devices and healthcare company, Abbott Laboratories. Prior to Adapt, Abbott was using a combination of internal solutions to identify valuable consumer insights, and this resulted in a lot of missed opportunities. But, when they implemented the Adapt platform, the client was able to gain full visibility into the pricing, discounts and share of shelf on an SKU level across all retailers in the country. Consequently, Abbott’s action cycles became 30 times faster and boosted the company’s sales.

In the last three years, Adapt is helping numerous retailers and brands to accelerate their revenue, escalate growth, and build long-term loyalty. Treading ahead, the company is looking to continue expanding its footprint geographically as well as proliferate into other market segments. “Our ultimate goal is to help every retailer in the world to truly know their customer needs, gain actionable insights, deliver better customer experiences, and achieve significant ROI,” concludes Marks.