John Yang, CEO, TreezJohn Yang, CEO
As legalizing and commercializing medical and recreational cannabis gains momentum across the United States, markets continue to vary widely from state to state in regulations and commerce. In response to this cannabis retailers and brands have already begun to look ahead and position their businesses for future growth, in preparation for national legalization. Today, many multi-state and multistore cannabis operators are prioritizing standardizing their business operations and building broader consumer brand awareness.

Efficiently running day to day operations while driving up profitability is no small challenge for the Brands and Retailers who are trying to get a head of national legalization. Maintaining and predicting inventory levels for fulfilling order volumes from multiple channels of sales, and across multiple stores/brands requires precise and timely information, especially when every transaction must be accurately reported.

These complexities of solving for stringent and varying compliance regulations have created a barrier for many solution providers who want to enter the market, leaving retailers and brands with limited viable technology partners. Most are forced to piece together multiple point solution technology stacks and aggregate data from multiple sources to just maintain the status quo.

The Treez Cloud Platform was built to solve the present and future challenges for both retail and brand operations in the cannabis industry.

For retailers, Treez automates compliance related workflows, such as avoiding overselling the legal amount of cannabis to a customer or patient. In addition to streamlining compliance, the platform also acts as the retailer’s point-of-sale, CRM, and inventory management system. Treez provides consumers with a more convenient buying experience with integrated payment options from ACH to pin-debit and cashless ATMs. Treez recognizes the need for retailers and brands to build scalable operations and has provided its users with a robust set of APIs in its platform that can help them grow.

Our dream is to facilitate endto-end commerce within the Cannabis space

This API extensibility allows brands and retailers to have one master system of record with Treez, and build a customized tech stack that fits the needs of their business with solutions like SALESFORCE and SAP. As a result, over the last five years, the company has garnered 5,000,000 unique customers and $3 billion in Gross Merchandise Value (GMV), which has resulted in its 15 percent stake of the total U.S. cannabis retail market. Treez also helps cannabis brands extend their reach to consumers and gives brands a window into retailer data to better understand and predict demand. This essential data helps them find more efficient ways to procure new products, replenish their inventory, and look at general market dynamics in real-time. John Yang, CEO of Treez, states, “Our mission is to facilitate end-to-end commerce.” To that end, the Treez Cloud Platform connects all transactions throughout the supply chain to provide consumers with the most accurate information about cannabis products. When a brand uploads their product information into a catalog in the Treez platform, that exact and standardized data cascades down to any retailer on the Treez platform that sells that brand or product. This universal catalog provides a better informed in-store and digital buying experience to consumers, ultimately resulting in growth and increased brand loyalty for both retailers and suppliers.

Commercially, Treez already operates from six states: California, Arizona, Michigan, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Missouri. The company will soon expand its operations to other states with a legalized cannabis industry within the United States. With that growth, Treez is on target reach $5 billion in Gross Merchandise Value by the end of 2022 and will continue to expand nationwide. To empower transactions with even greater volume and efficiency, the company plans to enhance its platform further to be the gateway for non cannatech companies to enter the market and provide retailers and brands with the ecosystem of solutions they need for greater visibility and predictability throughout the supply chain.