Jason Souloglou, CEO, SeeChangeJason Souloglou, CEO
In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has quickly transcended from the fictional realm to some of the most innovative real-world solutions in existence. Today, AI is no longer confined to the cloud and is finally powerful enough to solve everyday problems. However, while cloud-native enterprises are forging ahead with AI-driven solutions, brick-and-mortar retail stores are still lagging far behind with age-old legacy systems and practices. Most of the physical retail stores are not only struggling with enhanced operational expenditure (OpEx) and diminished sales but are also suffering from substandard user experiences/ customer satisfaction. To this end, physical retail stores need to think out-of-the-box and find ways to increase efficiency, reduce OpEx, and improve sales in order to merely compete with the ecommerce marketplace, let alone achieve sustained customer satisfaction. With a drastic increase in the sophistication of computer vision and edge computing, the time is ripe for the retail stores to push for AI-based transformations. However, these transformative technologies require major overhauling of retail establishments, which can significantly hurt their finances.

This is where SeeChange makes a difference. The Manchester-based company offers innovative software solutions that leverage retailers’ existing infrastructure to recognise real-world scenarios in real-time, deriving actionable inferences that boost their bottom line. Jason Souloglou, CEO at SeeChange, reckons, “There are already billions of cameras deployed in the world that see everything but understand nothing effectively.” Inspired by this forethought, SeeChange uses advanced computer vision algorithms that run on both cloud and edge technology (edge-to-cloud), significantly enhancing retail operational efficiency, from depot to checkout. “We recognise physical scenarios and develop accessible and frictionless technologies for businesses, especially in the physical retail sector,” mentions Souloglou. For more about SeeChange and Computer Vision see https://seechange.ai/ about-us/.

SeeChange offers a use-case agnostic, flexible, and modular AI platform—SeeWare—that analyses sensory input to power a real-time comprehension of the world. The platform ingests data from retailers’ existing sensor-based equipment, which is then analysed using algorithms. This empowers retailers to obtain real-time intelligence into their physical stores. Notably, the company provides seamless and flexible licensing/ deployment functions, enabling retailers to select features that are relevant to their requirements, which helps keep costs to a minimum.
The SeeWare platform is built with an extensive set of AI models that enable retailers to mitigate several discrepancies within their store, such as stockouts, theft, accidents, and more. For instance, the Stock-on-Shelves model provides real-time analysis of product shelf stock availability and notifies the authorised person upon detecting low stocks for any product.

We recognise physical scenarios and develop accessible and friction-free technologies for businesses, especially in the physical retail sector

Further, the platform detects in-aisle suspicious behaviour and alerts the concerned authorities in real-time through an intuitive dashboard. It automatically learns from federated training data, allowing models to learn and improve on-site. “Our platform’s ability to self-train models by watching the world from the cameras that have been installed helps build models from scratch, as well as allowing us to tune the model and improve it on the go,” informs Souloglou.

The company always listens to its clients and develops solutions to meet their unique requirements. Souloglou shares an instance where some of the biggest supermarket chains struggled to find a solution for people slipping and tripping inside the store. The supermarket chains had to shell out billions of dollars in liabilities for customers and employees injuring themselves inside their stores. They were also facing several lawsuits, which further added to their woes. Upon being approached, SeeChange developed a spill detection model, which is built with training data sets comprising thousands of images gathered from real stores. The patent-pending model automatically detects liquid spills (including water) and takes pre-emptive actions, thereby reducing liabilities for retailers. “Our model has been met with extreme enthusiasm from some of the leading supermarkets in the world, and we are excited to add value to their business with our spill detection solution,” extols Souloglou.

Also, SeeChange takes the high ground when it comes to data ethics, respecting individuals’ rights and privacy, thereby exceeding its stakeholders’ and customers’ expectations. “We’re an extremely responsible and ethical company that sincerely respects people’s rights and does not take any step to compromise personal data,” adds Souloglou. Going forward, the company plans to add more sensors— audio, temperature, proximity, and others—to its platform to enhance the applicability of its solutions across different industries. “There are no real boundaries to the applicability of our solutions, and we are ready to help businesses across industries in improving their operational efficiency with the power of AI,” concludes the CEO.

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