Ruslan Desyatnikov, CEO, President and Founder, QA MentorRuslan Desyatnikov, CEO, President and Founder
The number of products and services rendered in the market today is truly of astronomic proportions. In such a highly crowded market, quite often it becomes hard to keep track of the quality of all the products delivered to the consumers. While the fact that quality dictates the popularity and as a consequence demand for the product, companies often find it hard to deliver their business at the standard the consumer are accustomed to expect from that particular field. At this juncture companies will not be in a state to abandon their regular disposition and turn their focus toward analysing their product. Quality analysts truly provide the game changer in this scenario offering their expertise to assure that the business delivered by the providers meets the quality standards.
By setting an industry standard for the various products and services offered up by the companies, QA testers provide the companies with the upper hand in the market. QA Mentor is one such company that delves amongst these mavericks aspiring to take the market standards to the next level. With a strength of members, the company, through the years has transformed from a regular consulting provider to a provider of global strategy to offer offshore services resources from India and Eastern Europe through their test centres in Ukraine, Russia, Moldova and India.
The dawn of the 21st century has prompted a need for speed that has influenced all the sectors of the business world. In this century the organization that is capable of rendering its services at a faster pace is more

By setting an industry standard for the various products and services offered up by the companies, QA testers provide the companies with the upper hand in the market

likely to succeed in the market. This motto has invariably guided the company taking it to newer hieghts. QA Mentor has adopted the agile software method for its QA testing process which is now utilized by several Fortune 500 companies which are provided with the necessary insight required to support incremental changes and superfast turnaround time by speeding up the test execution with automation strategies specifically designed for agile.
Automation is another technology that has broken into the market and is taking it by storm. QA Mentor have developed their own unique automation technique where the technicians are able to assess the technology, platforms and staff skill that the clients have at their disposal and render insight on what type of testing framework is required for the client. QA Mentor’s Automation Tool Expert Service (ATES), truly makes the company stand out amongst its peers in the in the Industry. ATES offers a complement of 30 automation professionals with a minimum experience of 10 years supporting over 50 automation tools. This equips the technicians with the necessary insight required to suggest apt solutions that suit the clients’ budget, technical level and skills.
QA Mentor’s architecture is truly a dynamic method of testing rendered by the company. This feature allows clients to further enhance the potential of the software in the drawing board stage of its development. Despite the mere five years since its inception QA Mentor managed to stand out in the market through the various service and service modules it posses to render top of the range QA and testing services. The company now seeks to extend its expertise to the various markets worldwide and render its QA experience in all fields of business. The company also seeks to evolve in cohesion with the changing technological infrastructure of the IT industry.