Jon Rydberg, CEO and Founder, Orchid LLCJon Rydberg, CEO and Founder
The federally regulated firearms industry is often regarded as “high risk” by most banks and merchant processors across the world. The reasons could be many—chargeback concerns, financial fraud, potential liability, and funding delay stop the list. On the other hand, today, merchants are often cast aside by their anti-firearm processors, such as Square, Vend, PayPal, and others, who are no longer willing to support them. Many firearm retailers, merchants, and manufacturers are struggling to navigate these complexities and find a competent merchant processor offering robust credit card or other payment processing solutions. However, only a few processors specialize in exclusively catering to Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs), organizations, and gun owners of the shooting sports industry. This brings Orchid Pay—a firearm-friendly payment processing services provider—to the spotlight.

Orchid LLC provides services including point-ofsale, and ERP integration software to improve the way retailers, ranges, and manufacturers sell firearms and accessories.”Unlike most merchant processing solution providers, we cater to firearm retailers, e-commerce merchants as well as manufacturers. And, a large percent of our focus is on firearm manufacturers who are often overlooked,” says Jon Rydberg, CEO and Founder of Orchid LLC.

Orchid LLC provides Orchid PayTM—a simplified, affordable merchant payment processing solution—which makes it a great alternative to non-firearm-friendly banks and processors, including PayPal and Square. Orchid Pay offers firearm merchants a special advantage of “price lock guarantee” that allows the company to deliver solutions at the same price initially discussed with the customers. This distinguishes Orchid LLC from some other merchant processors who promise low costs but hike them up eventually. Additionally, the solution can fund firearm businesses in as little as 24 hours. “We provide solutions at a lower cost compared to many other players in the industry. Moreover, we are the only company in the industry that provides firearm compliance, technology, as well as payment processing,” remarks Rydberg.

We provide solutions at a lower cost compared to many other players in the industry. Moreover, we are the only company in the industry that provides firearm compliance, technology, as well as payment processing

Orchid LLC follows a systematic approach to delivering solutions to customers. First off, the company understands if customers are already using a merchant processor. Following this, the company walks customers through a free cost savings analysis, evaluating their last three merchant processing statements. Whether merchants are processing cards in-store, online, or over the phone, Orchid breaks down the specific areas of their payment environment and helps them understand where they are overpaying. In the next step, Orchid presents a proposal for a simplified rate structure. In most cases, the company successfully comes up with a fixed rate across different environments.

Orchid also provides customers with hardware analysis that essentially revolves around the latest payment trends, such as swipe, dip and tap, and contactless payments. The company then evaluates customers’ old hardware, uncovers opportunities to help them improve their interaction with their consumers, and provides them with new hardware.

Additionally, when payment processors terminate their partnership with firearms merchants, Orchid expedites their accounts, submits an application on their behalf, and directly interacts with the bank to represent their particular scenario and financial position. “We help our customers qualify and receive a new merchant ID in a very short period of time,” comments Rydberg.

To further illustrate the robust capabilities of Orchid, Rydberg recalls their engagement with a manufacturer in the Southeastern U.S. who was using the same processor for years. The manufacturer believed they were served at a fantastic rate only until Orchid stepped in to provide them with a cost savings analysis that saved them a hundred thousand dollars each year.

What steers Orchid ahead of the market competition is its special characteristic to enable customers to contact just one source for any issue, be it compliance, technology, or payment processing. Besides, the company recruits only professionals who are highly experienced in the merchant processing industry. Orchid is backed by a strong and competent client support team with extensive expertise in carrying out cost savings analysis for clients and potential clients. Bringing over 75 years of combined merchant processing experience specific to the firearms industry, the company empowers FFLs with the best merchant payments processing solutions. In the near future, Orchid will focus on delivering a “zero-fee processing solution” to merchants.