Kevin Whitehurst, President, mindStartKevin Whitehurst, President
“The amount of time a company takes to resolve a customer issue can make or break the relationship with its customers,” begins Vicky Ezell, whose company is uniquely positioned to support startups and entrepreneurs to build and retain the relationship with their growing customer base. The advent of different social media channels and platforms has caused the customer service industry to undergo a paradigm shift—from being a mere sales and services provider to going the extra mile to provide delightful experiences. Responding to complex queries and questions quickly in today’s world of ‘instant gratification’ has become all the more challenging for companies, making it critical for them to focus on modern communication modes. This is where mindStart brings value. mindStart is not only about providing customer service solutions but being a partner to a new company’s growth, making them thrive in the competitive world.

mindStart systematically addresses the customer support challenges of its clients with a step-by-step approach. It focuses on understanding the preferred channel of the end-user, and comprehending the overall demographics and ensuring it’s well-equipped to handle that channel. The client engagement process begins by asking specific questions to discern the client’s vision and mission; understanding the client’s strengths, weaknesses, and the passion that drives them along. The company then leverages its customer support platform to train its knowledgeable workforce—who are the first point of contact for a client’s customers—for the clients’ products and services. In the course of the training, the support associates are introduced to clients’ products; they also receive training directly from their clients who visit mindStart’s operations center once in a while to conduct live training. The cutting-edge software allows the employees to communicate seamlessly with the end customers while catering to their queries across multiple platforms.

An agile process, passionate and client-focused employees, and a vision to be at the forefront as a customer solutions provider are the values that make mindStart unique in the industry

To ensure transparency and accountability, mindStart can also integrate the platform with clients’ hardware system for seamless access to all communication records with the end customers.

Additionally, mindStart gathers insights through the regular feedback from clients and makes the best use of those insights to improve their efficacy and service offerings. “An agile process, passionate and client-focused employees, and a vision to be at the forefront as a customer solutions provider are the values that make mindStart unique in the industry,” says Vicky.

A case in point is when one of mindStart’s clients from the manufacturing industry was unable to manage communication with customers in the post sales scenario. Although the client had the required technology to monitor products for any issues, overseeing after-sales service was complicated since they had limited resources to focus on their core production process. The client observed that there was a gradual decline in the product usage until mindStart stepped in with its customer service solution. mindStart’s agents did outbound calls to connect with the end-users to understand the issue in depth and started troubleshooting the key problems on behalf of their clients.

As an emerging company passionate about transforming the customer experience, mindStart will continue to invest in resources to improve their core customer support platform and workforce. With a significant part of their clients based in international markets, mindStart plans to extend their global wing to Asia and other markets soon. mindStart continues to upgrade its knowledge base and competence to create a deep base of loyal customers for its clients.