Andrew Shelton, Founder & CEO, MarTec360Andrew Shelton, Founder & CEO
The convergence of marketing and technology has opened new doors and complexity for the e-commerce industry. Businesses are leveraging technological innovations and marketing strategies to make customer experience hassle-free and exciting. However, it is a herculean task for online retailers and e-commerce companies to figure out what is working and what isn’t within their inventory management, e-commerce sites and merchandising. Along with online advertising tools—SEO, SEM, marketplaces, affiliate marketing, and popular social media platforms, among others, the competition is fierce in the race to build brand loyalty and get a leading edge in the market. Where large organizations have the financial strength to avail the higher-end business intelligence services from the big players directly, SMBs and mid-market companies can’t benefit from the same choices.

Enter MarTec360, a Tampa FL based digital services company that provides e-businesses a suite of marketing, technology and effective business strategies to manage and deliver bottom-line growth. MarTec360 offers their CommerceBI Suite, powered by Domo—CommerceBI is a multi-channel business intelligence product that consolidates reporting and insights for merchants using e-commerce platforms, business systems, and marketing platforms/services. “By attaining a 360-degree view of data insights coming from e-Commerce and business systems, marketing platforms and campaigns, organizations can take necessary steps to make faster and smarter business decisions,” says Andrew Shelton, founder and CEO of MarTec360. The organization has an experience cache of over 20 years in ERP, e-commerce marketing, internet marketing, and growth marketing to serve its customers.

Implementing business intelligence from day one is an uphill battle. Numerous organizations have been spending a significant amount of money on Google ads as well as display ads on social media without understanding the truth behind what is really performing. MarTec360 has created eCommerceBI as part of their CommerceBI Suite that takes the client's e-commerce, inventory and analytics data, to provide answers to these complex business challenges. Other organizations have issues with legacy e-Commerce and ERP systems lacking advanced reporting capabilities like customer lifetime value; best sellers, frequency turns, and forecasting, find tremendous value. By aggregating all the intelligence into the ERP BI module, MarTec360 can provide actionable insights that would be otherwise not feasible. Other high-level modules of the CommerceBI suite include SearchBI, MarketplaceBI, ShoppingBI, and SocialBI.

MarTec360 focuses on e-business in companies that are B2B distribution, B2C e-commerce and direct to consumer brands. With an extensive portfolio of clients spread across various industries—automotive, fashion apparel, consumer electronics, outdoor sporting goods, and many more. MarTec360 has created numerous success stories. To substantiate with an example, a particular customer was facing issues with their check-out funnel coming from some of their specific marketing campaigns in Facebook and Google Shopping. By advising on changes in the campaigns and their e-Commerce systems, MarTec360 was able to help the client increase their revenue per website visitor by over 82 percent, a 27 percent increase in AOV while reducing ad-spend by over 42 percent for a 97 percent increase in e-commerce revenue. With the business intelligence gained from CommerceBI, the client was able to yield a 35 percent increase in year-over-year revenue.
Moreover, these gains were all made while maximizing their total cost of ownership (TCO) by not having to re-platform their legacy ERP and e-Commerce platforms.

In another instance, an omnichannel multi-location retailer collaborated with MarTec360 to transform their business. Before the partnership, the firm worked with legacy business systems that affected their sales and growth. The engagement with MarTec360 brought in benefits such as e-Business strategy and execution; online marketing direction; and business intelligence. The client’s shopping and marketplace marketing campaigns, managed by MarTec360’s growth division, ushered the much needed digital transformation hence helping the firm realize accelerated ROI and ROAS well above industry standards over 300 percent growth over four years.

By attaining a 360-degree view of data coming from e-Commerce and business systems, marketing platforms and campaigns, organizations can take actionable insights to make faster and smarter business decisions

One of the other reasons for such repeated cases of success is MarTec360's expertise with industry-leading platforms such as Amazon, BigCommerce, ChannelAdvisor, Facebook, Google, Magento, and Shopify. MarTec360 is both an agency and technology partner with ChannelAdvisor; a certified professional services partner with Domo; and partner of Acumatica. MarTec360 has also been a leading solution partner for clients using Everest Software dating back to the 1990s.

Another commendable aspect of MarTec360 is the end-to-end services provided by the company. There are various vendors in the e-commerce and digital services space that aggregate insights for a few social media platforms, marketplaces, e-commerce systems, and Google Analytics for their customers. However, they don't provide the complete picture of the financial side from ERP and other marketing systems to offer a perfect one-stop-shop solution like MarTec360.

Shelton adds that organizations that subscribe to CommerceBI have real-time actionable reporting and insights into previous “blind spots” which assists in decision making at all levels of the business. Additionally, managing data from various business systems and excel spreadsheet “madness” becomes labor-intensive and costly to reproduce on a monthly schedule, let alone on a weekly, daily or up to the hour basis. Organizations can see employee efficiency and time to market gains with CommerceBI.

Smaller organizations often avoid BI platforms and services due to the lack of resources and data personnel. They can do so with MarTec360 which avoids costly investments in licenses, training, implementation, and platforms thereby increasing the time from “zero to ROI”. An entry point for SMB’s may start with a smaller BI module or component of CommerceBI to solve a specific business problem. As organizations quickly see the value, a decision to upgrade to additional modules is often the next logical choice to solve a wider array of business questions. As result of the scalable nature of the Domo platform, clients can grow from the CommerceBI into their own partial or full instance while maintaining all existing business intelligence, reports and insights.

This year MarTec360 has been selected amongst the top 25 technology partners of BigCommerce and a Top Digital Agency by Clutch. Venturing into the future, the organization is focused on working with merchants in distribution, omnichannel retail and e-tail with the CommerceBI suite.