Thorsten Walther, Founder and CEO, INSPIFYThorsten Walther, Founder and CEO
Given the competitive nature of today’s market, digitization is no longer simply an option for lifestyle and fashion companies. Now it’s a requirement to survive. In fact, many organizations weren’t able to fully digitize their sales organizations last year, and the luxury sales market suffered as a result. Luxury brands today need to establish three things: trust, connection, and identity. Unfortunately, most digitization efforts simply replace personal engagement with an algorithm, which doesn’t work to sell high-touch luxury products. That’s why companies are looking for a platform that can provide unique, unlimited virtual experiences for remote selling.


Designed to integrate with sales professionals, INSPIFY supports hightouch sales performance better than any other system. Its story-based customer journey guides both sales professionals and customers.

INSPIFY was founded in 2016 as an engagement platform for luxury shoppers. Today, it combines virtual and in-store experiences with AI-driven personalization and high-touch customer support to provide the most powerful global virtual sales enablement platform for luxury brands. “By 2019, we were in multiple luxury flagship boutiques, creating installations with in-store entertainment and bringing virtual sales support into boutiques in both Europe and China. We now represent over 10 global luxury brands and are showing strong growth in the luxury sector,” says Thorsten Walther, Founder and CEO, INSPIFY.

INSPIFY is perfectly positioned to take advantage of highend retail’s 2020 leap into digital. The INSPIFY system provides retailers with a full suite of tools and experiences to support virtual sales, including a virtual boutique. Its AI-delivered story layer surrounds each product and provides a personalized customer product experience. Customers can walk into a luxury boutique, and the products will introduce themselves over their mobile.

We now represent over 10 global luxury brands and are showing strong growth in the luxury sector

It enables a customer to view associated videos, make comparisons, and experience shopping as a multi-channel activity through their mobile. “While eCommerce is about flat pictures and transactions, Luxury is all about emotions and putting the products into the right context. Our virtual sales enablement platform merges the best attributes from a digital experience with the physical boutique experience providing customers breathtaking virtual experiences from anywhere in the world,” mentions Mr. Walther. INSPIFY’s AI-based Personalization Engine connects the customer emotionally and analyses the information about the brand, customers’ behaviour, and sales journey. As a result, it creates a high-touch environment that engages, educates, and entertains customers through the sale.

Within the vCommerce world, INSPIFY is a global virtual sales enablement platform for luxury brands. The platform, controlled from the top, provides luxurious virtual boutiques, virtual events and engagements, and complete, interactive environments for shoppers. “Unlike other solutions which are set up to replace skilled sales people with automation, we recognize the value and luxury of human touch in the sales process,” states Mr. Walther. In an instance, INSPIFY helped Christian Louboutin—one of the world’s most well-known shoe designers. It provided the technology behind the Christian Louboutin Virtual Product Launch of the FW 2021 collection (which included China). The company offered full virtual experience, supported hundreds of virtual media sessions in two days, handled communication to hundreds of editors, and supported thousands of visitors a day.

In addition to its involvement with ten of the largest global luxury brands, INSPIFY is starting to work with creative agencies that design multi-channel interactive solutions for luxury brands. “We will be growing our existing relationship with Richemont and other powerful global luxury brands.Our product is leveraging tremendous market opportunities by expanding our geography into North American and Chinese markets,” says Mr. Walther. Its SaaS model allows the company to be both accessible and scalable, and its installations are at the forefront of how retailers craft better sales solutions using in-store digital and virtual tools.
Finally, INSPIFY’s API works efficiently with any other system, and infrastructure perfectly accommodates any virtual event, or VR installation, helping to make sure that it becomes part of a unified, high-touch sales strategy, rather than an expensive, disconnected event. “We encourage any luxury retailers to reach out to us. Our outreach also includes the luxury real estate, hotel, auto, and yacht markets, since all of those markets need to provide beautiful experiences and state of the art support for global buyers in today’s world,” concludes Mr. Walther.