Kalyana Rao Konda, President, Gallop SolutionsKalyana Rao Konda, President
Quality is undoubtedly an integral part of the software development process. However, the complexity involved in creating quality software is often misjudged and underestimated. QA testers thus play a crucial role in the development process of any software. “As the world got increasingly driven by technology and applications transcending businesses, we always believed that better software can be an outcome of specialist testing,” says Kalyana Rao Konda, President, Gallop Solutions, a leading independent testing services organization based in USA. Gallop team recognized the tremendous need for unbiased independent software testing services and since then, is focused on providing co-located software testing services and specialist QA staffing services to Enterprises & ISVs in North America. Built on the concept that testing is the key to enhancing and developing the full potential of any software, this dynamic organization is on an endeavour to help clients achieve significant market acceleration, returns on investments in their software quality initiatives.

The organizations’ one of a kind IP led software testing services delivery model ensures agility and responsiveness to its client needs. With over 400+ career testers in USA and a 1600+ team of career testers in India and other global locations, Gallop is strongly positioned to deliver scale and meet the niche software testing requirements of its clients.
Leveraging Future Industry Trends
Independent QA & Testing Services industry is seeing a phenomenal growth rate in contrast to generic IT services. As estimated by Gartner, outsourced application development and maintenance services generated about $202 billion in 2013 and application testing activities represented an estimated total value of about $60 billion. As organizations feel the need to have more secure systems while providing a pleasant user experience, need for expert software testing services is expected to grow on an upward spiral. Gallop Solutions has leveraged industry trends and has transformed into a force to be reckoned within the independent software testing services sector. “We basically help businesses jump start their QA initiatives, accelerate the speed of execution while assuring superior levels of quality, leveraging our IP Led testing and Enterprise Test Acceleration Suite (ETAS)” elaborates Kalyan.

The company offers cutting edge software testing services catering to tomorrow’s businesses. These constitute Agile and DevOps testing, Automation testing, performance testing, security testing, SMAC testing and many more. Gallop leverages its intellectual and people assets to deliver its services to the global market. But what really separates Gallop from its peers in the market are its Testing Centres of Excellence. “Our Testing centres of excellence in Performance, Mobility, Security and accelerators significantly reduce the testing cycle time for our clients, giving them a significantly higher ROI,” says Kalyan. These centres help the company deliver test advisory & end-to-end QA testing services. Gallop’s investment into proprietary R&D has led to creation of IP and Enterprise Test accelerators. Gallop’s colocated
software testing teams and ability to setup cross-functional Testing Centre of Excellence (TCoE) in business organizations removes redundancies and streamlines testing processes and hence accelerates the entire software testing life cycle.

Journey to the Top of the Industry
Acquired by Cigniti Technologies in 2012, combined entity (Gallop & Cigniti) currently possesses an employee base of over 2000 dedicated career testing professionals worldwide. Starting out as an independent testing services provider in 2003, like many upstarts, Gallop also faced initial challenges in terms of credibility and acceptance in the market.

However, Gallop focussed on building world class, innovative products such as WinQuick and RoboQuick which gained huge popularity with the former also getting the status of ‘Only HP Authorized tool for WinRunner to QTP migration. Leveraging a strong partnership with HP, investment into innovation, Gallop leapt ahead with confidence. Recently, they have also released another innovation – QuickLean which migrates test assets from HP UFT to HP LeanFT, the latest functional testing tool from HP.
Over the years, the company has managed to build a sustainable competitive advantage by investing in test engineering R&D around software testing and improvising the Enterprise test acceleration suite. Almost over a third of Gallop’s revenue today comes from accounts referred to by its existing clientele.
Staying Ahead Of the Technology Curve
The company also understands that a team is only as strong as its weakest link, thus thorough emphasis is given to investing in building the competency of its people. “Our organizational processes, starting from recruitment to training, certifications

As the world got increasingly driven by technology and applications transcending businesses, we always believed that better software can be an outcome of specialist testing

and performance monitoring processes are all aligned to our core goals – empowering our people to deliver quality software and build a workplace focused on innovation around software testing. This helps us stay ahead of the curve,” elaborates Kalyan.

Gallop’s Test Advisory Services (TAS) team focuses on constantly analyzing the software testing tools landscape on a continuous basis round the year. The company has also built strategic partnerships with top open-source and commercial software testing tool organizations to have its testing teams certified in these tools. It also helps upgrade Gallop’s proprietary software test accelerators to be compatible and well-integrated with them. The organization works with leading analyst firms to stay updated about the emerging trends, disruptions in the markets to understand what clients are looking for. Gallop has also forged strategic partnerships with leading test tool vendors such as HP, SOASTA, Experitest, SauceLabs, Xamarin, Smartbear, Tricentis, AppDynamics, QA Symphony, TestPlant, Neotys and more.

Gallop’s testing infrastructure, world class labs and the resources it leverages has helped the company grow in the market and manifest itself into a leading provider of QA and testing services. Having come so far in the industry, Gallop now seeks to cement its position in the North American market as the leader in IP led software testing services. With a strong parent conglomerate in Cigniti backing it, Gallop is looking forward to a promising future.