Alexander Freidhoff, Co-Founder and CEO,  EtailyAlexander Freidhoff, Co-Founder and CEO
As digital transformation became one of the most essential driving force for businesses amid the fallout of the pandemic, transforming brick-and-mortar-based businesses with the aid of new-age strategies stepped up as the most viable solution for every business to sustain their growth in the market. And the retail sector was no exception. However, as the retail space continues to tread on the path of digitization to cope with industry dynamics induced by the global health crisis, a host of omni-channel solutions have started garnering widespread attention, promising a whole new level of customer experience.

Given that consumers nowadays expect a seamless experience across all channels—from search and customer support, to supply and shipping, adopting omni-channel solutions have become quite an imperative in the retail sector. Now, it is true that there are countless organizations trying to leverage omni-channel solutions to provide innovative marketing services. But, it is worth highlighting a company that has been providing one-stop omni-channel e-commerce solution that help clients gain extraordinary business insights and take better decisions. Etaily, the Singapore-based company is that organization providing brands with advanced omni-channel solutions in order to help them sell virtually.

The One-Stop Shop

Right from content production and channel creation to warehousing and fulfillment, Etaily offers a complete suite of services encompassing anything brands would need to attract consumers, transact online, and deliver their products. The company’s vast international network of distribution partners, global couriers and 3PLs, together with their capability in product manufacturing and sourcing with globally compliant formulas, enables brands to offer best-in-class customer experiences on a global scale.

Be it end-to-end or modular in nature, Etaily’s proprietary technologies always work together to deliver powerful tools for brands, both big and small. The company’s expertise in building brands includes the creation of rich and compelling digital propositions that drive the right audiences to engage with them. Etaily creates the channels, content and processes brands need to market and sell their products online. Their products range from fully integrated sales and fulfilment dashboards to order management systems that helps retailers generate unforgettable customer experiences.
Alongside, Etaily also manages their clients’ front-end and back-end operations with its integrated system. When it comes to back-end management, Etaily manages the brand’s multi-channel distribution network or inventory in a systematic approach that proves to be optimal for omni-channel brands. At the same time, the company takes the onus of managing different channels of the brand including sales, marketing, distribution, and support channels.

Likewise, pertaining to Etaily’s front-end management services, the company helps brands in generating engaging ideas and content to ramp up their online traffic. They also manage a brand’s front-end store to continuously ensure great customer experiences. The company proactively co-ordinates with various marketplace channels along with the brand itself, in order to prepare for different campaigns that the brand wants to participate in. Not to forget, Etaily is also involved in set-up, execution, and management of the brand’s customer service, with especially a remarkable after-sales support.

The Analytical Edge

Finally, with analytics at the core of its business operations, Etaily always helps clients make sense of their data. The insights derived by the company’s analytics are always actionable, with the view of improving and powering the growth of their clients' businesses, while helping its partners scale by leveraging Etaily’s brand-building expertise and the fulfilment ecosystem. Exercising its analytical capabilities, the company also monitors and analyzes their client’s overall performance, as well as area-specific performances through data-driven information.

Meanwhile, the analytics experts at Etaily constantly examine the impact of pricing to continuously optimize the brand’s pricing strategy in order to achieve its business objectives. Concurrently, Etaily keeps a check on the performance of their client’s different products under a variety of categories to continuously improve the brand’s merchandising performance. Last but not least, the company also duly emphasizes on online merchandising performance of the brand in order to continuously optimize its arrangement, assortment, and inventory.

Etaily offers a complete suite of services encompassing anything brands would need to attract consumers, transact online, and deliver their products

Owing to Etaily’s portfolio of dynamic services stapled with top-notch customer support, it is quite plausible that many of the retail giants are vying to partner with Etaily in order to grow their business with cutting-edge omni-channel e-commerce solutions. On that note, Etaily has partnered with the biggest fashion conglomerate in the Philippines to build, manage and scale their prestige global brands across the region. This will further embed Etaily as a strategic partner to their clients in the fashion sector.

Meanwhile, the company has recently announced a strategic partnership with Landmark, the Philippine’s largest department store operator. The partnership includes fully integrated retail transformation from going live on marketplaces, while tapping into latest trends like social commerce. This collaboration is set to provide Etaily and Landmark with unprecedented omni-channel growth opportunities across a hefty number of department stores. One should also not miss out to mention that Etaily recently developed a fulfilment dashboard for the Fortune 500 company that provides them with full visibility on product status and delivery progress. Subsequently, the Fortune 500 company has started using Etaily for warehousing and fulfilment across Southeast Asia with primary focus on Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Thus, capitalizing on the strengths of its industry-leading omni-channel e-commerce solutions and unfaltering dedication towards client requirements, Etaily will continue to guarantee the same level of enhancement in the e-commerce infrastructure that is set to revamp the retail technology landscape in the days to come. And being a company that prioritizes the customer in every step they take, Etaily will be, as always working with its clients to build strong customer relationships and deliver seamless customer experiences.