Dave Burns, CEO, EnlinxDave Burns, CEO
Accuracy, speed, and transparency. These terms form the DNA of the modern omnichannel fulfillment warehouse that aims for ‘perfect delivery’ to meet the growing needs of today’s ecommerce customer. Likewise, B2B customers expect high flexibility and responsiveness in purchasing and returning products. Driven by the passion for perfect delivery, industry veteran Dave Burns laid the cornerstone of Enlinx. Enlinx helps its clients deliver shipments to their consumer and retail customers quickly and accurately. “Our tech-driven facility and processes, specialized omnichannel services, real-time inventory and shipment reporting enable our clients to stay focused on their core operations and exceed customer expectations,” says Burns, the CEO of Enlinx.

At the outset of a new client partnership, Enlinx employs an onboarding manager who is responsible to build the synergy, trust, and set the right expectations for maximum outcomes. The company works with new clients to ensure their inbound shipments comply with Enlinx’s inbound routing guide, which ensures accuracy and speed throughout the order fulfillment process. Upon receipt of products, the company conducts an exhaustive inspection to measure and identify all the attributes that could potentially affect accurate, efficient packaging and shipping of orders. Enlinx uses a robust yet flexible iPad-based system with high scalability that protects against human error or confusion, even during peak demands. One thing that separates Enlinx in the market is its ability to be flexible with its core processes, and technology to accommodate nuances clients may have in their business models.

Enlinx continually invests in its state-of-the-art distribution facility and robust technology stack to manage fulfillment operations for flawless receiving, storage, picking, packing and shipping. The company has automated conveyor and sortation systems as well as RF-based picking for smooth order fulfillment, high level of flow accuracy, and detailed product information captured using batch or serial number.

Our tech-driven facility and processes, specialized omnichannel services, and real-time inventory and shipment reporting enable our clients to stay focused on their core operations and exceed customer expectations

The company also provides value added services including barcode labeling, repackaging and reworking product to meet retailer requirements. “We can assemble items, print and place labels, and dispatch shipments swiftly and accurately,” says Burns.

Enlinx harnesses a culture that instills a sense of ownership among employees. “We are driven by our core values of respect, integrity, service, excellence (flawless execution), and leadership,” says Burns. The company values employee input and works hard to promote from within. As the company continues its rapid growth, developing new leaders and giving all employees the tools needed to succeed are priorities. An example of providing tools for success is the use of creative training videos to ensure new hires are productive sooner rather than later, which leads to individual, company and client success!

“When culture, technology, and commitment to partnership meet, great things happen,” commented Burns. One recent example of this was working together with a long-term client that asked for our help identifying cost savings. Leaders from both companies collaborated, identified cost savings ideas and went to work implementing those ideas. The result was hard savings in the areas of inventory management, cartonization strategy, shipping, and supply utilization.

Striding ahead, Enlinx is always refining inventory management techniques and technology that optimizes pick locations. “We also envision launching our new client portal that includes a heat map feature that will help our customers track freight and access details such as cost, estimated time of delivery, and shipment status in real-time,” concludes Burns.