Dieter Hsiao, CEO & Co-founder, DIVISADieter Hsiao, CEO & Co-founder
With the advent of the digital age and its impact on consumer behavior, the only option left for today’s fashion brands is to go digital or lose potential customers. “While most companies are readily partaking in the digital economy and competing fiercely to stay at the top of their game, fashion brands tend to be lagging in the adoption of digital technology. We are in the digital-first era, and the future is now,” asserts Dieter Hsiao, the CEO and co-founder of DIVISA. As a seasoned serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the digital marketing industry, Hsiao noticed that digital marketing technologies and fashion have always been two different realms, separated by business and technological barriers. However, today, with the rising dominance of ecommerce, ‘digital’ has become a prerequisite for the fashion industry.

In order to help brands gain greater digital presence and market share, Hsiao, along with Revecka Jallad, a fashion industry veteran with over two decades of experience, established DIVISA in December 2015. As a full-service digital business consulting agency, providing strategic, advisory, and management consulting for fashion, beauty, and luxury industries (B2B and B2C)—DIVISA—offers end-to-end robust marketing technology solutions. The company is a valuable partner for fashion startups, enterprise-level corporations, and international brands looking to establish themselves and grow in the U.S. market by deploying sound business strategies. With the help of data-driven and artificial intelligence (AI) powered digital marketing and advertising, DIVISA helps brands to conceptualize and develop all the creative assets necessary for establishing a desired brand image in the market.

DIVISA primarily caters to two types of clients—fashion startups and major well-established brands. With its Brand Builder Fashion Digital Marketing Program, the company is assisting emerging brands in building their business model correctly—right from the foundational level, crafting their branding identity, and growing their business.

DIVISA understands the unique challenges of these emerging fashion companies, including
logistics management, inventory management, and order fulfillment, and helps them mitigate those by managing and executing highly sophisticated and interconnected online marketing strategies. “We empower them to identify the right target consumer, product fit, and the right distribution channels to promote their business. Our aim is to help them overcome entry barriers to the U.S. market and equip them with the right tools, mindset, team, and leadership so that they have a fighting chance to grow in the marketplace,” states Hsiao. While catering to its second clientele comprised of larger brands, DIVISA helps them to establish a stronger foothold in the U.S. market while enabling them to scale up their business further. From offering the large brands a specific strategy to scale their revenue, increasing their customer base, to helping them expand to a specific geographical area or market—DIVISA does it all.

Our aim is to help emerging fashion brands overcome entry barriers to the U.S. market and equip them with the right tools, mindset, team, and leadership

Providing insight into the company’s approach to solution implementation, Hsiao explains that DIVISA takes a data-driven approach where the first step is to conduct a comprehensive audit. Once the client allows access to their website and other social assets/platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok for collecting data, DIVISA’s expert team of data scientists collects and analyzes the data to figure out the underlying issues of the client’s business and areas of improvement. Following that, DIVISA helps the client to identify those challenges and offers them the right solutions for every single issue while continuously monitoring their progress until they resolve the problem and achieve a greater ROI.

For instance, an established company with a revenue of more than $30M globally, approached DIVISA as they wanted to scale their revenue in the U.S. market.

As digital-only players, they were generating about $12M in revenue in the U.S. market. Implementing
its standard approach, DIVISA’s data science team conducted a comprehensive audit after getting the client’s approval to access the last 24 months of advertising data on Google, Facebook, and other social media websites. The team collected and analyzed the data to gain insights into the non-working and low performing products of the company. “We revamped their Facebook and Google advertising strategy completely. With the help of our proprietary AI solution, which enables enterprise-level clients to make strategic adjustments on the fly, we ensured that the advertising budget is allocated to only the high performing products,” says Hsiao. Upon engaging with DIVISA, the company grew their business from $12M to $34M in the U.S. market alone, which was almost the same as their entire global business in 2018. The company implemented its AI solution to help the client continuously refine their advertising strategy while executing high performing campaigns, tripling their revenue in a year.

Touching upon the company’s upcoming endeavors, Hsiao highlights that DIVISA plans to open a full-service studio and content creation facility near its current headquarters in downtown L.A. Given the increased demand for uploading content regularly on social media platforms due to the inclination of the gen Z and the millennial population toward the digital world, fashion brands need to have a proper content strategy. With its in-house creative team, DIVISA helps startups and other brands with the much needed regular content strategy through content creation, e-commerce design and development, product photography, and more for social media platforms.

Besides, DIVISA is going to establish its proprietary AI development center in Toronto, Canada, by 2020. The company plans to deploy an R&D team at the development center in order to develop its all-inclusive AI solution. “By the beginning of 2021, we are going to launch our next Asia headquarters in Shanghai. We are in talks with potential local partners in China, who can help us navigate the current government and market regulations in the country,” says Hsiao.