Lann Stewart, President, DeRisk ITLann Stewart, President
In today’s fast moving world, speed is a crucial factor in all facets of human existence including the technology industry. In this life on the fast lane, organizations fail to deliver the quality standards that have established the various products amongst the consumers. QA testers play a crucial role here in by assisting organizations in delivering products that meet the market standard. DeRisk IT Inc. is one such software testing company that specializes in delivering these standards to the end consumers. Founded originally in London, England in 1998, this company’s initial motive was to render support to help financial companies cope with the Y2K scare. A few years after its inception DeRisk IT Inc. extended its operations to the United States and eventually set up base here. According to DeRisk IT Inc. President, Lann Stewart the expansion into the offsite model was prompted by the company’s ambition to compete and stand out amongst offshore companies through its low cost outsourcing model. “We wanted to be a champion of a completely offsite, rural, onshore model designed to keep costs low in order to compete with offshore companies,” said Lann. Another reason for the shift was the cultural, linguistic, and time zone issues many American companies have with offshore software testing companies. All of these issues are eliminated when working with DeRisk IT Inc. which is in the central time zone and convenient to both East and West coast clients.

Over the past several years DeRisk IT Inc. has established itself in markets worldwide as a provider of QA services which ensure the quality in their clients’ products.

Lann puts it this way- “Our goal in providing software testing is to be a guardian of quality for our clients.” The core of the company’s services module is Functional Software Testing- for a field riddled with bugs and coding errors.

Comprehending the errors in software products is a task that has its own mountain of complications. Solving these issues has a whole new level of hurdles that companies need to surpass to deliver software that meets the standards that the consumers expect. DeRisk IT Inc. mitigates the risks involved in software development by analyzing the product throughout the lifecycle of its production. The experienced and skilled complement of testers at DeRisk IT Inc. supports the company and its clients in this process. This workforce involves only full time,W2 onshore employees handpicked by the company who sort out the most desirable candidates based on their expertise in their respective fields. DeRisk IT Inc. testers provide these testing services both on a manual and automated level.

In today’s IT oriented world, websites and applications are a crucial aspect of the business. They act as portals that render insights on the various offerings and developments

The core of the company’s services module is Functional Software Testing- for a field riddled with bugs and coding errors

within the organizations. DeRisk IT Inc. offers a supplemental SEO Audit service that monitors the effectiveness of the website and the priority of its content in the search engines. The company delves deep into the website looking for bugs, broken links and anomalies in its architecture and implements solutions that aid in displaying their clients’ content amongst the top results.

DeRisk IT Inc. offers a portfolio of testing services that includes Training, Project Management, and Environmental Audits. All three of these services can be utilized on many levels to increase the efficiency of the clients’ testing team and the tools used in automated testing. The company sorts out the most desirable path for maximum efficiency and helps their clients reach their release deadlines on time and under budget. This provides the clients with comfort in the quality of their software and confidence with their place in the market. Through this service model DeRisk IT Inc. has managed to maintain clients composed primarily of industry elites which includes market giants like Technicolor, Pepsi, McKesson and Macys.