James Duong Nguyen, CEO, Dcorp R-KeeperJames Duong Nguyen, CEO
There’s one common link between the top F&B holdings such as: Golden Gate, Red Sun, Red Wok, and QSR in Vietnam. All these companies rely on the same POS solution provider to automate their day-to-day business activity or service management—Dcorp R-Keeper. As one of the pioneers in the POS space, Dcorp R-Keeper has effectively transformed Vietnamese and more than 50 countries over the world-based F&B businesses with a novel, scalable, end-to-end POS solution combined with proven technical, consultancy, and support services.

“Our advanced, full-service POS system is reliable, scalable, and can be seamlessly deployed across firms having single or few outlets to those that command thousands of outlets across numerous geographical locations. This makes businesses efficient and enhances business productivity and consistency,” remarks James Duong Nguyen, CEO of Dcorp R-Keeper. Dcorp R-Keeper’s powerful software platform streamlines order-processing and payment procedure (quick service and full service) for restaurants, with unique mobile and web features for waiter services, self-service, cashier services, and pre-orders. However, the solution’s set of features doesn’t end here. The Smart Kitchen Display System and Smart Routing features allow seamless automation and optimization of a restaurant’s kitchen workflow, while a unique CRM or customer loyalty system helps enhance the overall user experience for its customers. In addition, Dcorp R-Keeper provides a powerful backend system for the restaurants that efficiently digitizes the client’s inventory and purchase order management operations.
Apart from a unique portfolio of offerings, an attribute that puts Dcorp R-Keeper ahead of its competitors is its stringent focus on R&D. The company always looks to adopt and integrate newer technologies such as mobile POS, self-ordering, and more to adapt to the ever-changing market trends. Dcorp R-Keeper has established three world-class R&D centers in Franfurk, Moscow and Ho Chi Minh City, and employs over three hundred R&D experts to roll-out different features and updates every month. Overtime, this has allowed the firm to provide a wide range of innovative products and services in auditing, consulting, training, data management, and much more to clients that are not offered by conventional providers. “We are one of the most dynamic POS companies in the world. Our clients can simply focus on their core businesses and we provide them all the technology and support they need,” mentions James.

Our advanced, full-service POS system is reliable, scalable, and can be seamlessly deployed across firms having single or few outlets to those that command thousands of outlets

An insight into the day-to-day functioning of Vietnam-based restaurants highlights the value that Dcorp R-Keeper constantly provides to its clients. Conventionally, F&B businesses in the country relied on paper-based operations which resulted in slow activities, transaction errors, loss of data, erroneous reporting, and kitchen problems, to name a few. But, after adopting Dcorp R-Keeper’s platform, customers were reported to have smooth, stable operations, fast reporting, seamless data management, and accurate transactions. This enhanced clients’ business consistency, productivity, and greatly elevated their service quality to their customers.

Following its consistent growth record in the last couple of years, Dcorp R-Keeper considers mobility and cloud as the epicenter of its future plans to transcend to newer heights. The firm has invested extensively in designing a new version of its platform that fully operates through the cloud and supports multiple OS platforms—Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android. However, the major aim of the company is to bring forward the “mobility revolution” in the F&B industry. In line with that vision, Dcorp R-Keeper would be launching an all-in-all mobile platform this year for restaurants which would also permit third-party developers to design newer applications in order to build a complete ecosystem for the industry.